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The Best Self-Assessment Practices Before You Adopt A Sugar Glider

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 406

The thought of going out to adopt a sugar glider can be quite entertaining and is an economically brighter alternative for those who cannot afford to make a purchase. However it is important to consider whether you are truly able to make the required commitment once this tiny and playful pet enters your home. The truth is, the average working person maintains a hectic daily schedule which consists of frequent travel and office work away from home and their pet, with minimal downtime afterwards. Bills are at the forefront of our conscious and mandatory expenses threaten to draw us away from spending time on other hobbies which we would rather be involved with. The nagging difficulties of life tend to drive people into making certain decisions on impulse which they anticipate will provide pleasure or escapism. Poor decisions include someone making a quick choice to rush out and adopt a glider without making educated long-term decisions which will be instrumental in providing happiness, health and longevity to this special pet. Bare in mind, before you make an adoption of this exotic mammal there are a number of things you should consider which differ from owning the average pet. You must take into account your lifestyle in comparison to the unique needs of the glider.

If you are strapped for time during the day as most 9 to 5 workers tend to be, realize that the sugar glider is a nocturnal mammal by nature. As you arrive home from work in the evening it will most likely have just awoken from it's sleep and anxious to meet you for some playtime. This contrast between your daytime schedule and it's nighttime one does have a disadvantage though. As it is active during nighttime, your glider may create some noise as it plays inside it's cage and cause distractions while you are trying to sleep at night. Your solution is to train and adjust your gliding possum towards remaining awake during day and sleep at night instead, which is perfectly fine to do and will not cause it any harm. Ideally, most people would like to carry their glider around in a pocket or pouch as their company throughout the day, but unfortunately the average work schedule and environment does not allow for adequate bonding and pet care. It is advised that you remove all work and life distractions to reserve bonding time with your pet in a calm setting. The process of bonding between this mammal is an essential part of it's development in the long term, therefore you should place quality time at the highest priority as it's owner.

Once your adoption begins and your new pet enters the home, it does not take a lot to provide the ideal environment for it's health and happiness. For most owners you will likely have the ideal home setting already, a quality which is great for the average residential person looking to bring a glider into their lives. This furry little creature gets along great with other people and non-threatening animals so if you have pets and children in the home already, it may not be a large concern. The glider is nocturnal so if you work during the day prepare to meet your pet for playtime as it wakes from it's daily sleep schedule. As for bathroom cycles of this animal, they are similar to humans in having to go after a long sleep and a few times daily. This cycle makes it predictable to know when to put your glider down by itself in the proper area so it can relieve itself. With these facts in mind about the particular nature and lifestyle of this exotic pet, you can now determine whether your home and it's needs are an adequate match.

If you are a financially-conscious person at heart and can refrain from overindulgence on your pet, the sugar glider is the right choice for you. This tiny animal is relatively cost-efficient to raise considering that it does not consume large portions, occupies a cage as a living space and does not require regular visits to the veterinarian or spa. Like any other bad habit, some people cannot resist the urge to splurge on their pets with expensive gifts, food and accessories. This is especially apparent with a cute and exotic pet like the gliding possum. Some owners who are misinformed about how to raise this animal end up burning the bank by purchasing things that are unnecessary and exceed the optimal requirements. Don't end up with empty pockets like the person who rushed out and adopted their glider only to spoil it silly without studying it's minimal lifestyle requirements.

Your self awareness and commitment in life is a big factor in determining whether you are the right person to adopt a sugar glider. Before you take action towards adoption, look yourself in the mirror and identify any flaws about yourself which could jeopardize the ability to properly care for your potential pet in the long run. Objectivity of self is of primary importance, since it is ultimately your choice what type environment and care your glider pet will be subjected to in it's life. Make sure that if you choose to adopt, it ends up in a loving and caring home which will promote the longest and happiest life it truly deserves.

Mike Brennan is a sugar glider expert. For more information on how to adopt a sugar glider, visit

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