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How To Take Care of the Needs of the Ferret

April 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 198

Many people have chosen ferrets to be lovable pets in their homes. In owning ferrets people must realize the responsibility that now rests on them. The ferret will require its own housing; a cage that is comfy, spacious and safe will provide free movement for your pet. This cage needs to have multiple layers and big doors, to stop the ferret from getting trapped. Getting a cage with a plastic base will make it easier for cleaning; however ferrets will have blockages in the intestines if they chew on the plastic that is usually used to shield metal cages.

Ferrets need bedding that is soft. They need to sleep from 15 to 20 hours daily. However, oversleep can result in low stimulation. They should stay outside their cage an average 2 hours each day. You can provide additional comfort for your ferret by purchasing sleeping bags and hammocks and you can also ferret-proof a room to keep them from harm.

Ferrets love to play and you can ensure your ferret's happiness by providing toys for play. However, great care must be taken in the choice of toys because some toys can prove to be unsafe. The ideal toys would be the ones that are durable and will not be damaged by the ferret's sharp teeth. Toys that are made for cats are good for ferrets but you should not give toys made from plastic or foam to your ferrets and never leave toys in the cage if you cannot supervise them. When toys are damaged by the ferrets' sharp teeth and the pieces are eaten they can result in an obstruction which will require surgery.

Ferrets need to visit the veterinarian to be spayed and de-scented because they have an odor problem. Scheduling appointments for regular check-ups and vaccinations are a must for ferrets. The Vet will offer after care instructions on how to keep your ferret healthy.

Ferrets suffer from health related problems including: tooth decay, malnutrition, and intestinal blockage among others. A ferret owner therefore, should be able to identify the symptoms that are related to different illnesses and seek immediate treatment. If you realize that your ferret is showing symptoms of any disease you should contact your veterinarian at once.

Ferrets are prone to diseases with accompanying symptoms such as a viral disease which causes green excrement, loss of appetite and low energy. When the endocrine system is sick, a ferret will show symptoms of diarrhea, black stools, feeling sick and lower body mass. Diseases of the digestive tract due to a lack of proper feeding can be easily rectified by the right nutrition and a good diet plan. Ferrets also suffer from cancer in organs including the bone marrow, lymph nodes, the liver and spleen. The symptoms in this case is swelling, weak legs and loss of weight. Parasites such as mites or heartworm are common to ferrets and can be found on the outside or the inside. The symptoms are diarrhea, scratching of the ears, brown residue in the ear, mucus stools and ticks on the body.

Taking your ferret to the Vet as soon as you notice these symptoms will help the Vet to diagnose the problem and offer a treatment plan which will include any of the following: surgery, chemotherapy, medication, radiotherapy or just a good rest.

Want to know even more about how to take care of a ferret? Are you interested in ferret's diet? Continue reading my articles!

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