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Fennec Fox Information

May 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 229

I may have mentioned it before, so forgive me for repeating this, but my next pet will be a Fennec Fox. The Fennec is the smallest species of fox, and the cutest in my opinion. Since I want this to be my next pet, I have done some research on their care and handling. Let me share what I have found out.

The Fennec fox weighs anywhere between 1.5 - 3.5 lbs, between 9-16 inches long, 8 inches in height, and typically has ears 6 inches in length. Basically it's all ears! If Yoda was a fox, he would be a fennec! Their habitat is in North Africa, so if you live in northern latitudes, or just like it cool in the house they will shiver. Anything higher than 68°F is desirable for them.

Fennecs owners say that they're only three modes a fennec are in: sleep mode, cuddle mode, and did someone feed the fennec cocaine mode. They are extremely hyperactive, and will be a ball of fire when not sleeping or cuddling. You must play with them, or else they will lose interest in you. They are not a domesticated animals like a cats and dogs, so you need to actively be part of their lives. Instead of thinking like it is a ownership, you have to think of it as a relationship. You'll know you're doing good in the relationship once they start nibbling on you fingers and knuckles, it means your excepted member of the pack. It may hurt a little while they nibble, but the fennec will not break the skin.

Even though the fennec is part of the canine family, it's more like a cat in personality. It will never see you as its master. Much like a cat, but with less attitude. In addition, like a cat they will purr when being petted. Unlike a cat, the fennec is a social animal and needs lots of attention. One cannot leave the house with a fennec on the loose. If you leave the house, the fennec has go into a dog cage. If you don't, that little fox will get into everything and anything around them. So if you have any house pride at all, get a cage.

A fennec may also be trained to use a litter box, but it does not come as easily to them as cats. With a cat you just point where the litter box is, and it figures out the rest. Not so with a fennec. With them you have to bribe it with treats, and constantly pushing its nose into the litter box. In addition, I read that the fennec prefers a covered litter box.

A Fennec foxes natural diet includes insects, rodents, small birds, eggs, and rabbits. Now if you're like me, the only thing on that list that is entering my home is the eggs. If you going to have a Fennec then you cannot feed it plain old dog food. In my research I found canine food for exotic pets at Mazuri for $35.72. If you get that, some eggs, some fruits and vegetables your fennec will be one happy fox.

If you have any thought of breeding fennecs, you have to realize that unlike cats and dogs (and most people) fennecs mate for life. If you do get a pair of fennecs then you can expect litters of 1 to 4 kits, with a weaning period of 70 days. Also, if you get a "mate" for your household then there is a possibility they will be less social with you. There is also the matter of them protecting the nest. They will become hostile if you try to disturb it. They may trust you enough to cuddle with them, but not enough to let you come near the children.

Before you purchase your fennec, check what the law says for your state and municipality. I was surprised to find California actually outlaws the fennec. All other states allow the fennec, but some local governments have ordinances against tem. So always check before picking one up. Nothing worse than getting attached to your fennec, and have it taken away over some technicality.

I hope this answered some fennec questions you may have had. You can find more information on breeders, diet, FAQ's at They even have a forum, so if you have difficulties you can always ask for advice. From everything I have read so far, I believe a fennec can sometimes be a difficult pet to live with, but well worth the trouble. So if you're up for the challenge, and want something exotic and different, then a Fennec fox is the perfect choice.

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