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Exotic Hedgehogs As Pets

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 257

Hedgehogs as pets can be entertaining and endearing, but if you want to make the most of caring for one of these fascinating rodents, you should inform yourself of their living requirements.

Feral hedgehogs can and do cover several miles in a single night in search of a good meal. You pet hedgehog will not have to worry about catching its food, but without the opportunity for exercise, it can easily grow obese for its species and develop health complications. For this reason, you should invest in some stimulating features and toys. An activity wheel will keep your hedgehog going for hours each night, providing it with a much-needed workout. Despite its modest size, a hedgehog will need a spacious environment, which means at least two square meters of cage space. If it is social, you may want to let it wander around a room or two of your home, under proper supervision, of course. Its cage should be its castle, and at least two square meters will be required to house all its needs and facilities efficiently.

Hedgehogs identify strange substances and items by tasting them. This habit can take on dangerous proportions when it involves cleansing chemicals or electric wires. If you allow your hedgehog some time out of its cage, do keep an eye on the situation, if you have cats, dogs or other pets that might threaten it. Although a hedgehog has excellent armor against potential predators, it might experience some anxiety. If you want different types of pets to get along, you will need to invest some time towards integrating them. Do not let the hedgehog roam through the whole house at once. This type of pet is quite gifted at sheltering out of sight, and may cost you hours of searching from room to room.

Your hedgehog will need a well-ventilated living area to get rid of the smell of its droppings and for this a wire cage is best. Bear in mind, though, that in the wild, hedgehogs often retreat to a hole or some form of shelter for their daytime sleep. You should provide it with a box, a tiny sleeping bag or some blanket to let it creep out of sight. The bottom of the cage should be solid, to avoid injury. Set aside some space to accommodate a litter box as well.

If you plan and prepare ahead of time for the arrival of your prickly animal companion, you will be making the most of keeping hedgehogs as pets.

Alan is a lover of animals and nature. He writes on all types of alternative farming topics, as well as nature articles. If you are considering hedgehogs as pets, then Alan suggests that you first get a list of reputable hedgehog breeders affiliated to one of the national associations in order to offer you some protection on your purchase.

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