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Are Fennec Foxes Good Pets?

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 600

When you see a Fennec fox it's hard not to want to take it. They are small like a Chihuahua, have those huge ears, thin nose and large eyes, and move a lot. They are the very notion of cute.

I think you can probably tell I love Fennec foxes. When I was a kid I loved exotic animals and my parents would take me to every zoo they could. I remember wanting a lot of animals throughout my childhood, and Fennecs were one of them.

Little did I know how much trouble it is to keep one. They may look cute and friendly but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Fennec foxes can be great pets, but only if you have the time and resources they require.

First, Fennecs themselves are quire expensive. The price can range anywhere between 500 and 5.000, which is more than most people are willing to give for a pet.

Not only that but they require special housing that is dig proof but still allows them to dig a den. Many people keep them in a ferret cage, but you should also have a larger house which implies having a yard and building a coop with fence up to 10 feet deep and just as tall.

Another costly feature is their specialized diet. Insects every day, some raw meat, preferably the entire animal (which means raising rodents and birds), and even supplements like taurine. They also need vegetables and treats in the form of fruit, which is not hard to provide, compared.

Beyond the monetary cost you have the time they require. Even if you buy a few Fennecs, they still require a lot of playtime. Much more than a dog or any other common household pet. If you don't pet your Fennec fox for enough hours of the day it will grow wild and stop recognizing you.

They are nocturnal animals. What this means is that you can expect a lot of noise and activity at night that may disturb your sleep. Another thing you can expect is having a lot of angry neighbors if your house is near another.

Fennec foxes are clearly not the perfect pet for people who don't have the time and passion to take care of them. They require money, patience and a lot of specialized resources that may be hard to come by. After all, they are an exotic animal.

That being said, they make excellent pets. They are cuddly and friendly and can even be trained. If you are interested in these pets you can find their care sheet at Exotic Animal Zoo where you will also find fennec foxes for sale along with many other exotic pets and animal equipment. But be sure you have the love to give!

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