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Top 3 Upper Body Exercises

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

The upper body is the main point of focus for many fitness enthusiasts. It can be argued that the lower body (legs, glutes, calves) is just as important and worth an equal amount of focus, however, at the beach, everyone is checking out your upper body! So we will check out the top 3 upper body exercises. These are exercises that give you the most 'bang for your buck' and form a solid foundation that you can build upon with other supplementary isolation exercises.

Remember that these are just ideas. This is just a guide and if you have found other exercises to work better for you, then that's awesome. I have written this with the total novice in mind. Three years ago I was in exactly the same position and I would have been utterly grateful to have a guide like this.

1. Benchpress - Yes, the classic bench-press is one of the best upper body exercises known to man. It is a compound exercise that not only works on the chest but on multiple muscle groups. It also has multiple variations that enable one to target different sections of these muscles. It can be performed on an incline, a flat bench and a decline bench which work the top, middle and lower parts of the chest respectively. Other muscles targeted as the front deltoids and the triceps.

2. Bent Over Row - The bent over row is an exercise I am not particularly fond of. It's fairly dangerous especially if you don't know what you are doing. However, the ROI is too great to be ignored. The evidence is clear to see; 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates credited this incredible exercise with his freakish back development. Just Google "Dorian Yates back". The bent over row is an excellent latissimus dorsi exercise. It also works on the biceps, traps, rear deltoids and the rhomboids. If the weight is sufficiently heavy, it can double as an effective forearm exercise.

3. Military Press - Last but not least is the excellent military press. Others refer to it as the overhead press. It can be performed standing or seated - whatever your preference. When performed standing with a fairly heavy weight, it can serve as an excellent workout for the erector spinae muscles which are responsible for that deep ridge that goes all the way down your back (median furrow). The military press is primarily a shoulder and trapezius muscle exercise. It works on the medial deltoids and the traps. Other muscles worked are the neck, the triceps and the lats.

We have purposely excluded the abdominals from this simply because they do not require much focus. That's not to say you must ignore them totally but simply lowering your body fat will reveal a set of abs. If then you are not happy with the size of the depth, you can perform some exercises to bring them out more. With that said, why not get down the gym and give these exercises a go? What are you waiting for?

For more top upper body and latissimus dorsi exercises check out our muscle building website.

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