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Clicks Or Clicks?

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

As a list owner and email marketer, I would be lying if I said that selling solo ads to other marketers wasn't a solid money maker. There are ups to this and downs to it as well. This holds true with anything though. I'd like to discuss the "art" of solo ads as I personally see it.

I am not knocking any particular "way" of operating in this field and I buy ads from marketers that do things differently than myself and get results so this is NOT about what's right or wrong or more productive. It's more about customer service in my opinion. Here is why....

When someone pays ME to send out an ad promoting something of theirs, I take precaution from the get go. I ask them to read and understand and agree to a disclaimer and I agree to send them the agreed amount of clicks in full (and more usually) in the best quality fashion. In return, they agree that they focus on "quality" and not "quantity" and allow me the adequate time to send xxx amount of traffic. It's a win/win.

There are obviously many ways that one can generate a "click" and have it "count" in the respect to the clicks purchased for the ad. However, results speak for themselves. Someone that DECIDES to click for an offer versus HAVING to click to see the offer, will typically be a better quality visitor.

I think of this like the old fashioned classified ads in the local newspaper. Nobody placed generic ads that were non specific in order to get MORE people to call. If you were selling a car, you tell the make, year, mileage, etc. so that only people specifically and potentially interested in that type of car would call you. This SHOULD be the same philosophy when purchasing/selling solo ads.

So are you buying and/or selling "clicks" or are you selling good legitimate clicks? There is a HUGE difference in my book. If the offer is not time sensitive in any fashion, I would MUCH rather have 500 GOOD people come to my offer in a 2 week period than merely have 500 people in 4 hours that MIGHT be interested come to view my offer. If they don't know what the offer is BEFORE they click, then you are jeopardizing results unnecessarily in my opinion.

Clicks doesn't equal clicks. Again, a simple click is easy to get and much faster to get when the reader HAS to click to find out what the offer is. Sometimes, the reader is FORCED to view the offer via a pop up, redirect, exit pop, etc. and seller is indeed getting "clicks" as promised but they are certainly not going to yield the results of a legitimate mailing explaining the offer so that the reader can determine to click or not, based on his/her own interest level of doing so.

As much as the seller of the ad has SOME liability to produce, the buyer really holds all the liability. No matter HOW you send out an ad, you simply can never determine the outcome. You can merely increase the odds by using a targeted ad copy for the mailing and making sure that your buyer is sending it properly.


Craig Raphael

Craig Raphael has been a highly regarded traffic source for several product launches and his client list and comments will say it all. Have a look for yourself at if you are considering some good traffic to your offer!

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