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Window Film, for Earth Day and Everyday

April 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

On Earth day we reflect on ways we can improve our lives, and the lives of humankind, with minimal impact on the Earth's environment. There are plenty of options out there for minimizing pollution while lessening the demand for the planets limited resources. These options can be loosely divided into two broad categories - generation technologies and conservation technologies.

Most of the press and glory goes to the generation side. New and alternative ways to generate energy are exciting and make for a great story. It's exciting to consider the possibilities inherent in cold fusion, clean solar power and oil derived from algae, but as exciting as these possibilities are, most of our best immediate results can be obtained on the conservation side.

Consider window film (aka window tint), a technology that has been around for quite some time... effectively since the 1960's, and that is nowhere near as exciting as the sexy new generation technologies out there. The benefits of window tint are unknown by the vast majority of people, but it can markedly improve the energy saving performance of glass, resulting in a massive reduction in the energy use of a building or home, and collectively, on the energy demands for an entire city, state or country.

Solar Control film should be at the top of your list of energy conservation measures. Much more affordable than new windows and in a lot of instances more effective than high performance glass, today's high performance window tints offer the following:

• Energy Savings. Window films pay for themselves fast, often within 2 -3 years, and go to work immediately upon installation. Compare that to new high performance window which, because of their high cost, sometimes never pay for themselves.

• Significantly lowers your Carbon use. By lowering energy demand and use, solar control film naturally lowers your buildings carbon footprint. Whether you buy into the climate change argument or not this is a good thing, because less carbon means you're spending less money.

• Lowers your lighting bills by reducing harsh sunlight and glare. Think of window film as sunglasses for your windows. Just as putting on sunglasses makes it more pleasant for you outside on a sunny day, putting film on your windows makes being inside with the blinds and curtains open much more pleasant. This means you can use natural light more often, lowering your use of artificial lighting and the associated energy use (and carbon production).

• Results in your furniture, fabrics and artwork lasting longer. In addition to its energy savings and carbon reduction benefits window film addresses the main causes of fading, markedly increasing the life and appearance of your furniture and fabrics. Less fading means your valuable investment in furnishings are protected, and look better longer.

• Causes your air conditioning equipment to have work less, meaning it will last longer and need less maintenance.

• Makes you more comfortable more often by eliminating those pesky hotspots you get at certain times of the day. Window film smooths out temperature fluctuations caused by the sun as it tracks through the sky during the day.

Because window film works win the sun is shining on it, it is most effective during the hot part of the day, the same time as peak demand (and peak prices). This increases the money saving aspects of a window film installation.

As a proven green technology, window film has been approved for tax credits and rebates by utilities as well as States and Federal governments.

We all want to be environmentally responsible, especially when it's easy and affordable to do so. Window film is just such a technology - easy, affordable and effective.

Steve Chambers is the Managing Director for Pentagon Protection PLC and International Glass Solutions, both of which specialize in providing window film installation and project management services for government and commercial buildings, retail locations and office buildings. Prior to his involvement with Pentagon Protection, Steve worked for 3M window films as their representative in the Southwest United States. For more information on window films and how they can help you meet your energy conservation and security goals contact IGS window film.

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