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Waste Management Services From a Reliable and Competent Provider

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

Extensive industrialization is taking place around the world. Despite the economic benefits, these activities are causing so much harm to the environment. Homes and businesses everywhere produce all sorts of trash and unwanted waste. The most problematic part is some materials increase the risk of dangerous health concerns. Serious situations in the home or office call for the help of a company providing environmental and waste management services.

Understanding the different environmental services

Ecological services vary widely. It ranges from routine practices like garbage collection, to more complicated procedures. These include things like water filtration and sampling. It also involves much bigger projects like oil removal and the management of industrial and commercial sites. Never do these projects on your own. Your lack of knowledge may only lead to more damaging results. Seek the help of professional companies providing waste management services. Here are some projects you can expect them to help you with, and things to look for when hiring a service provider.

Waste Management

Most providers have services for the different types of waste streams. These include the removal and transporting of material like liquid waste, used waste, cutting, and fuel oils; and other potentially hazardous fluids. Expert companies also perform sampling and analysis before storing the waste in drums and taking them to the appropriate facilities.

E-Waste Management

Some companies can also help you recycle old electronic gadgets in an environmentally safe way. This is important because improper disposal can be dangerous. Some of the recyclable materials they collect include items like cell phones, computer parts, and batteries. Ask the company you work with for a complete list of materials they can get rid of for you.

Waste management services providers have to meet certain standards to continue operations. Here are a few things you need to think about when choosing agencies for the job. Adherence to the following ensures you are working with a qualified and reliable company.

Federal, State, and Local law compliance

Various agencies across the three levels regulate environmental services. Compliance to guidelines set by each is important because the different groups issue the necessary licenses and permits. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manages the different departments and/or divisions in the state level. Local government units may also contribute to the discussion, seeing as they know the specific ecological needs of the area. Compliance to all policies is important whether the company is a treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facility or transports hazardous waste and materials. Ask about the different permits and qualifications they have before signing up for their services.

Use of Modern Equipment and Methods

Environmental problems and demands change on a daily basis. The ability to cater to common and particularly problematic concerns is something the provider needs to have. Their tools and methodology have to be in keeping with the times. They should address current needs and have the foresight to prepare for developing ecological problems. These traits, along with observance of policies from the different agencies are something you need to keep an eye out for. Effective and efficient services come only from providers who know what they are doing.

Proper Training

Occupational Health and Safety Administration-Hazardous Waste Operation and Response Standard (OSHA-HAZWOPER) training is necessary for environmental services providers. OSHA is the only government agency that provides stringent training for the handling of various hazardous waste and materials. Compliance is not an option; it is required. Providers need to meet these strict standards to ensure the safety of your home, business, or any undertaking.

Alicia Atkins is an environmental advocate familiar with environmental services and waste management services.

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