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Is It Necessary to Test Your Own Drinking Water?

April 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

You've probably heard the stories about how American drinking water has become unsafe and filled with contaminants, but how can you know for sure? Some people have had the job made easy for them by having water that appears cloudy or smells bad, but for most of us, how can we know if that crystal clear glass of water is harboring harmful pathogens? In some areas of the United States, clean water is a given; however, if you live in farm country, the chances that your water contains chemical run-off increase. There are test kits you can use to determine the quality of the water you're drinking, but are they worth the cost?

Water testing kits vary in price from around $10 to about $200. Obviously you're going to get more testing capacity with more expensive and sophisticated kits. You will find that they come in two different types: home analysis or lab analysis. Be careful about what you buy, though, because they are designed to test for different things. Some kits you will find tell you vaguely that they check water quality without telling you what they can actually identify. Others are for chemicals such as might be in the water in farming areas: fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides. Still others analyze water for biological contaminants which can also be a problem in rural regions.

Buying a $10 kit will likely prove to be no more than a waste of money. At this price, they just aren't going to tell you very much if they tell you anything at all. In addition, you probably aren't going to want to trust the results such tests give you.

If you believe there's a possibility that your water may contain chemicals or pesticides, buy a mid-range kit that is specifically designed to find these pollutants. You should also buy a kit that tests for bacterial contamination, especially e-coli bacteria. In sufficient quantities, these bacteria can kill a person with lowered immunities and even make the healthy very sick. Once again, this is a hazard that is usually associated with agricultural operations although any treatment facility which doesn't control its water quality very carefully could end up sending e-coli to its customers.

One of the biggest contributors to bacteria in water resources is run-offs from cattle feed lots and hog confinements. Hazardous wastes can run into water resources, including groundwater. If you live in an area near one of these facilities, you want to be extra careful to test your water on a regular basis. Although your local treatment plant is supposed to remove all of this matter from the water, small rural facilities often aren't equipped to do as good of a job as necessary.

Chances are that if you live in a large urban area, your water is fine. Testing it once will show you if there are any problems. In rural regions, however, water testing may well be the wisest move you ever make.

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