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Implications of Global Warming

June 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 200

Global Warming doesn't really just heat up our Earth, it messes up the seasonal change. It can make our winters longer and our summers hotter or vice versa. Records show that Earth has increased.8 degrees Celsius since 1980.Scientists are also 90% sure that greenhouses gasses are the cause of the infamed Global Warming. Our world hasn't stayed silent about it though. Most of us would like to blame it on urban warming or nature but those have little to do with it at all. Only.002 of urban warming has increased Global Warming.

Actions taken against Global Warming includes the Kyoto Protocol where Japan internationally limits the industrial gas release of complying countries. Where do greenhouse gases come from you ask? Well, greenhouse gases come from environmental damage associated with deforestation or pollution. These statements are to be ejaculated because not only will they rise but they will continue to rise.

The growth of greenhouse gasses have been summarized by the AR4 in 2007. They have projected a model implicating that the surface temperature will rise from 1.1C up to 2.9C in this century. So you now know that Global Warming will continue on the rise, but now what? Well, Global Warming will have a global effect because not only will it increase sea levels or raise temperatures, it will change patterns of precipitation along with expanding subtropical deserts.

Hmmm...why was 2005 and 2010 so hot you ask? Well, there are many contributing factors but some of the major ones includes El Nino. Then what about La Nina you ask? Well, in 2011 there was a La Nina year and guess what? It was one of the hottest ever recorded. And what's even more? Out of the 13 hottest years 11 of them was between 2001 to 2011. What does that say about Global Warming in the 21st Century?

So what exactly are these "Green House Gases which make up only about 30% of the increase in Global Warming? Well, the big lot include Water Vapor which makes up 36-70% of it, C02 which makes up 9-26%, Methane which makes up 4-9%, and ozone which makes up 3-7%. The green house gases has been increased because of human activity such as the burnage of fossil fuels which make up about 70% of the increase of greenhouse gasses.

There has been many steps taken to fix this Global Warming problem such as the establishment of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change). You may wonder what the UNFCCC works for but it's simple, to reduce the increase of Global Warming to below 2C in the 21st century. You may be happy that steps have been taken but fear not, the International Energy Agency reports otherwise. It states that it's ultimate goal is to prevent anthropogenic climate change.

Ah, the problem of Global Warming. One of the most emphasized problems of this century. It is going to be on the rise despite that annual orbitrary change of Earth and La Nina. But otherwise, human activity is on the crux of it. We have caused 70% of the rise of greenhouse gas increase and humans haven't been silent about it. Various organizations and awareness programs have been established such as AR4, UNFCCC, and etc. So help support the cause, save energy, and ride less for us all.

If you are, no...hopefully you are interested in finding more about me, so visit my blog. There you can find more about me. Additionally, I'll add more information about this topic to your delight. Of course, it's all based on your consent. I won't linger to hear, but I'll wander and bear.

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