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Is Work Making You Sick?

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 148

Odds are that you spend a great amount of time at work. Whether you keep strict nine to five hours or seem to constantly be working overtime, you are exposed to several health hazards throughout the day. Some of the hazards may be evident, such as a sick co-worker or a poorly cleaned office break room, but others may be less obvious, such as mold lurking behind filing cabinets. Protecting yourself from dangerous work conditions is important for your health, and being aware of them is the first step in improving your wellbeing.

Dangerous Work Conditions

According to the letter of the law, your place of business is supposed to bring any chemicals, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful toxins to your attention. But workplace health hazards stretch far beyond exposure to such highly damaging substances. Simply sharing a room with other people exposes you to bacteria and viruses that can make you sick. If your office is not properly ventilated or does not have appropriate plumbing fixtures, moisture may collect in the air and cause mold.

Potential Health Hazards

The variety of health problems that such dangers can cause is quite diverse, and there is no way to solidly pinpoint all of the negative ways in which they can affect your health. However, it is known that mold can cause several different adverse health issues, including depression, coughing, runny nose, aches, fever, headaches, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping, among many others. At the same time, the number of illnesses that you may be exposed to are endless, such as the flu and the common cold.

How Can Zeolite Help?

Obviously, protecting yourself against these workplace dangers is important. First of all, make sure that you report any mold or improper plumbing or ventilation to your supervisors. Next, keep plenty of disinfectant at your desk, including hand sanitizer and something to sterilize your keyboard and other commonly handled surfaces. A great multi-vitamin is another wonderful way to boost your health and keep the hazards of the workplace at bay.

Zeolite is a product that you may want to seriously consider using. A nutritional supplement that has antibacterial and antiviral properties, Zeolite also has the ability to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body. Furthermore, it can contribute to better balanced pH levels and, overall, increased wellbeing.

Instead of being wary of going into work every morning, use Zeolite to fortify your body against the dangers that the office may present.

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