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The Top Lightworker Business Mistake

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 85

There's no shortage of stories about greedy, self-serving companies. And who hasn't seen examples of corporate greed leaving customers on the short end of the stick? So it's no surprise that many lightworkers consider the word 'business' to be a four letter word, and avoid learning about business principles, let alone putting them into practice. But that's the biggest mistake lightworker business owners can make.

Business strategies are tools, and intention determines whether they're of a healing or harmful nature. A marketing strategy can be used to convince a gullible person to buy a worthless product or it can be used to teach a grieving person about the healing power of Reiki. It's up to you as a business owner to determine that you'll use business strategies in a way that is responsible and will work toward the greater good of all involved. Without an understanding of business principles, lightworker business owners are more likely to fail.

Karen is an intuitive consultant who started off giving readings at a metaphysical shop in the Washington, DC area. She worked part-time at Starbucks to supplement her income as she built her intuitive consulting practice. She depended on the shop for most of her customers, but one of the rules of working for the shop was that the shop owned the customer list and Karen couldn't reach out to her clients directly. Karen also refrained from marketing to clients because she felt that it was "pushy" and "slimy" to try to convince clients to buy her service. As a result, Karen's personal client list failed to grow. Rather, she remained dependent upon the metaphysical shop to send her customers.

When the recession hit, the metaphysical shop began to have problems. Though customers were still interested in readings, they stopped buying many of the books, candles and other products that the metaphysical shop sold. As a result, the shop fell behind on its rent and the owners eventually had to close. However they did not give Karen and the other readers access to the customer contact lists, nor did they let customers know how they could continue to get in touch with their favorite intuitive readers. Instead, customers had to search for new readers they could trust and the readers had to find new clients.

Not all of the intuitive readers that worked at the shop were devastated by the shop's closing. One reader, an astrologer named Jakob, had built up a following of customers outside of the shop. Yes Jakob missed the income that resulted from the shop, but it was less of an impact on his bottom line and he was able to replace those lost clients in a matter of three months.

Any business owner has two areas to master: that of the product or service he or she is selling, and the business of running a business. Most entrepreneurs do a good job in the first area. After all, that's typically their area of expertise, or the area that they had enough of a passion for to build a business around in the first place. But the second area - that of running a business - is often where entrepreneurs run short.

If you're a psychic, massage therapist or other holistic healer, there are a number of free business resources you can take advantage of.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides plenty of information on business basics and even offers online training modules on such topics as starting a business, finding customers and hiring employees.

Local community colleges often have business courses you can take at little cost.

Local Small Business Development Centers also have resources to help new entrepreneurs. is a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs successfully launch their ideas. They also offer online workshops, as well as events across the country.

Taking the time to learn business strategies is one of the best investments lightworkers can make.

Learn more about running an Intuitive, Healing or other Lightworker Business at

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