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Business Venture 101: Setting Up a T-Shirt Printing Business Venture

May 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 243

Starting a t-shirt printing business can be overwhelming. Like any other business, you need to have a thorough plan so you can be successful. Here are some tips you might want to follow if you plan to start your own t-shirt printing business:

Know your business

You cannot be successful in your venture without having an idea of how it works. As such, it is important to learn and understand everything you can about the business. Find out what factors would make your t-shirt printing business successful. Determine the supply and demand so you can have a clear view of expenses, inventory, and revenue. It might also be helpful to talk to other people who sell printed t-shirts so you can expect what type of competition you will be facing.

Make a business plan

A business plan is an important tool in any kind of business. As such, you need to have this when you start your t-shirt printing business. Having a business plan will help you set a clear goal. It will also help you determine the products you will sell and the costs for each. You may also include what type of printing materials or machine you will use in your business. A business plan will also help you identify strengths and weaknesses, as well your target market. When making a business plan, it is important to prioritize. Make sure to include all the necessary concerns first so you will not be too confused during the start of your business.

Determine your target market

Identify who exactly are your customers. Doing so will help you decide on what type of t-shirts you can sell. This will also help you understand market preference, identify strengths and weaknesses, and use appropriate marketing schemes. Research will also help you determine what is appealing for your target demographic. For example, researching on the latest fashion styles on women might help you create printed t-shirts.

Learn about different types of printing methods

Although you can get the services of professional printing shops, it might be expensive for a start-up business. It might also limit the amount of t-shirts you can produce. As such, you need to learn about different printing methods to produce printed t-shirts: screen-printing and digital printing are the most common.

Screen-printing is the most common method, as it is easy and cost-effective. This involves the use of a woven mesh on an ink-blocking stencil to transfer the design on the cloth. Digital printing, on the other hand, involves the use of inkjets to stamp the design on the cloth. Despite advancements in terms of production, digital printing is not as popular as screen-printing.

Advertise your products

With t-shirts being so common, it might be hard to attract potential customers. Therefore, you must create a unique niche for your t-shirt printing business. For example, your business may not only be limited to t-shirts-you can also customize different kinds of clothing.

Create a specific marketing plan to bring customers in. Find out where you can connect with your customers. Creating a social networking account may be a good place to start, as you can find potential customers in these sites. Reach out to people and sell your products at fairs, trade shows, and farmer's markets. It might also be wise to market your products to local boutiques and shops-this might give you the opportunity for business partnerships.

Kieran Flynn [Author] works in a t-shirt printing company that makes printed t-shirts.

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