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Men Want to Marry a Woman Who Accepts Them

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 258

Ladies, ask yourself - are you looking for a husband or a project? Although we may not admit it, women just love to try and change the man they deeply care for. They fall in love with his potential rather than the man he already is. Now nobody is "there" yet. (Not even you!) And of course, we want the man in our life to be all that we know he could be.

But more often than not, your helpful suggestions only serve to push your man away. Men feel empowered, loved and more excited about getting married when they are trusted and accepted for who they are. In fact, a little appreciation goes a long way to make him feel loved.

This might be hard for a lot of us extra helpful girls to take, but men aren't all that interested in unsolicited advice. For example, if he is upset you might be tempted to prod and poke until you get the truth out about what's bothering him. While it's important for him to know that we recognize there's something going on and we're here if he wants to talk about it, there should be no prodding and poking. He will see that as an attempt to change how he deals with his problems, and it could translate into him feeling that you don't trust him. Show concern, but for the most part, wait until he is ready to come and talk to you.

Even worse than thinking that you are trying to change him is that while women see it as a sign of affection to offer advice, in his mind you are basically confirming the fears he holds deep inside (though he'd never admit it) - that he isn't good enough, competent enough, smart enough and so on. The result is that you hurt him even without even realizing it. The more you confirm those fears the less he feels that you love, trust and accept him.

And the less he'll feel like wanting to marry you...

Therefore, rather than trying to change him by offering unsolicited advice, show your love by offering him trust. This doesn't mean you should practice emotional dishonesty by hiding your feelings. It simply means that you shouldn't use them as a tool (or a weapon) to change him or to get your own way.

Of course you may succeed in the short term, but it will eventually drive the two of you apart.

Remember, men feel empowered, loved and excited about a future with you, when they are trusted and accepted for who they are. In fact, a little appreciation goes a long way in that regard.

Show that you respect him. Accept him. Trust him. If he feels that, he won't be able to wait to marry you!

PS. Struggling to get a deeper commitment? Does it feel like he's pulling away, but you don't know why?

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