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How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 342

The beauty of being in a relationship is that there's someone you can turn to when you feel blue and depressed. You perfectly know that you won't be all alone because your partner will always be there to make you feel that you can make it through. Your partner is your source of inspiration and strength to go on with your long journey. However, love is a two-way process. When you are in a relationship, you should learn how to give and take. You should not always take and take without giving. It goes to show that you should also learn how to comfort your partner when he/ she is in pain or in trouble. When you see that your girlfriend looks sad and upset, you should not hesitate to extend your help to her. You should be the first to be there for her and make her feel your love and care without any conditions.

Now, your girlfriend looks upset because of something. Don't you think you need to cheer her up? Have a look at the following tips on how to make your girlfriend feel better and see her sweet smile painted on her beautiful face. • Give her a big hug. You don't know how much a warm hug means to a person who feels so down. It may look like a small thing but it can do wonders to a person who needs it. When you know that she needs you, don't ever hesitate to go to her and make her feel your presence.

• Learn how to listen. Ask her what is going on with her. If she wants to open up and share, listen attentively. Lend your ears to her. However, if she is not ready to talk about her dilemma, don't force her. Wait for her to talk about what is bothering her. Just stay by her side and don't leave her.

• Offer help. After learning what is going on with your woman, the next thing that you should do is to know how you could be of help to her. Lending your ears is only the first step to take in helping her. Doing something to solve her problem is another way of extending your effort.

• Give her gifts. There are certain things that give a woman comfort like sweets, flowers, and huggable stuff. If you know your girl very much, you know what to give her. If you know her comfort food, try to give it to her and she'll feel better.

• Remind her of the good things that she possesses. When she realizes that she still has good things to be thankful for, the situation may turn better.

• Take her out. You can brighten her gloomy day through taking her out for lunch or romantic dinner. Doing such will surely make her feel better because she knows that she is loved and that she is special. If she sees other people and things, she might temporarily forget what causes her distress.

• Remind her how much you love her. There's no sweeter act than constantly telling your partner how much she means to you. Your words of love are more than enough to ease the pain and take the stress away from her. Make her feel the assurance that no matter what happens, you will remain her lover, friend, and knight even without the shining armour.

• Use your sense of humour. A funny joke is sometimes an effective way of erasing the sorrow of a person. It may not permanently solve the problem but at least it helps a lot.

When you are in love, you'd do anything to make someone happy. You can't afford to see your special someone in pain or in trouble without making any effort to be of help. You even sacrifice your welfare for the sake of your loved one. This is actually the true meaning of love.

You might also like to read about how to be a perfect boyfriend, or visit for more relationship tips & advice.

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