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Thermal Draperies Help Lower Utility Bills

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

The focus on environmental sustainability also involves emphasis on the home. Cost effective measures, such as changing to energy efficient appliances, help reduce monthly bills. Additional ways to save home energy costs create opportunities in solar and wind technologies.

The largest drain on heating and cooling expenses is through windows. They are the number one source for heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. The window coverings chosen for style instead of function can contribute to this loss.

Thermal, or solar, draperies are manufactured with a form of latex bonded to the face fabric as an aid in moderating temperatures. Thermal insulated draperies help maintain a more consistent inside air temperature by preventing escaping air.

This foam backing insulates by keeping the heat inside a room in the winter. It prevents heat from entering the room in summer and reduces air conditioning bills. This also increases the comfort level in rooms and by ensuring a more stable temperature.

Another form of drapery called blackoutgreatly decreases the amount of light that enters a room. For people who work at night and must sleep during the day, the result is a darker room and a more restful sleep.

Thermal draperies will block out more light than an unlined curtain, but not as much as a blackout curtain. If you want blackout capability, use a heavier fabric or combine with another layer of lining.

Another benefit of the foam backing on these drapes is a reduction of outside noise levels. They provide 100% complete privacy for added security and safety of the residents.

Insulated draperies typically last 10 to 15 years longer than other window coverings which makes them an investment in the home's value. The reduced sunlight also eliminates fading of furniture making them last longer.

Solar draperies come in many designs from simple to elegant and are easy to install and maintain. Thermal insulated drapes are available pre-made in a variety of standard sizes in any style from rod pocket to tab top to pinch pleated draperies. Or you can have custom draperies made to order with the fabric of your choice over a thermal lining.

Although slightly heavier than regular drapes, thermal draperies are not much thicker than a lined drapery or one lined with a blackout liner. Otherwise they hang, drape and operate like any other curtain.

You'll find pre-made thermal draperies anywhere you'd buy regular draperies including bed and bath stores, home furnishings stores and department stores. They're even available online. The cost is comparable to the price you'd pay for any lined curtain.

Whether you're buying pre-made draperies or having them custom made, ask your supplier about adding a thermal lining. Like any investment in energy-efficient upgrades, they'll pay for themselves many times over. And the savings should appear in your very first energy bill.

Kay Hedges is the author of tips and advice on solar products for the home. Awareness of sustainability on planet earth begins with every step and grows as habits are changed.

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