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Renewable Energy - It Is Only A Matter Of Time!

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Societies throughout the world have come along way in both the development and implementation of new technologies that make our life more comfortable.If there is one drawback to all these efforts it is that they require fuel and for the most part those fuels are derived from fossil fuels. The consumption of this fuel continues to grow at ever increasing rates. The fossil fuels that we are talking about are for the most part coal and natural gas. The biggest concern is that we rely so much on a resource that is finite, here today, gone tomorrow. Two factors, earth's population continues to grow very rapidly and people are living well into their 80's and 90's, are constraining these resources at an ever increasing rate and it is just a matter of time before they are completely depleted.

These resources will not disappear during our lifetime, but if future generations are going to survive and live as comfortably as we do measures must be taken. We can implement technological measures that can help conserve and even reduce our requirements for fossil fuels, but if man is going to survive long term alternative methods of fuel must be developed and exploited. It is doubtful that mankind would take kindly to turning the clock back to the days of horses and carriages for transportation. And it is also doubtful that we will begin using candles for our home lighting source. We not only take for granted, but give little thought to flipping the light switch on as we enter the room and leaving it on when departing. We turn the thermostat up in cool weather and down when it's hot keeping only our own personal comforts in mind. Many of earth's population give little thought to the next generation but it is now time to conserve and develop.

Fortunately, many people are more considerate of future generations and attempt to use our resources in measured quantities. There are many people throughout the world that are not aware of these issues and that only complicates the issue. Education worldwide is needed in an attempt to place a brake on our current consumption and also introduce options that are becoming available with each passing day. Significant gains have been made in the renewable energy arena, namely with solar and wind power, but we need to continue exploiting these forces. The people of the world must not fear the unknown as far as new energy sources are concerned but insteadembrace and employ them whenever possible.Fortunately, the U.S. government is actively involved and currently provides financial incentives to businesses and homes when they implement new energy sources such as solar panels. Even with the incentives, upfront costs can be quite high. This reason alone quite often keeps people from taking this path because they do not have the required funds needed. The United States has approximately 5% of the world's population but we consume almost 25% of the world's energy. Our energy demand makeup consists of 39% for electricity, 33% for heating fuels and 25% for the transportation sector. The electricity consumed is created by coal (48%), nuclear (19%), hydroelectric (6%), natural gas (20%), and coal (7%).

Based on the above figures you can see that oil plays a very insignificant role in electricity production.The fuels we use for transportation in the United State come from oil (37%), coal (7%), and natural gas (56%). If solar power was more affordable, it has the power to meet our every need. Unfortunately, the only factor from keeping the sun from revolutionizing our system of energy is cost.A major benefit to renewable energy (solar and wind) is the positive impact it has on our environment. Unlike fossil fuels, little if any harm is done when using these types of renewable energy.

The Department of Energy has recently estimated that a distributed solar system would require an average of 17 sq. miles of land mass per state. By utilizing parking lots, vacant land and rooftops plenty of land would be available. By utilizing this land mass for solar systems we would be able to provide the United States with 90% of our current electric demand.

Renewable Energy will soon play a key role to meet the energy needs and demands of an ever expanding world. Current energy sources are diminishing faster than we can or will be able to replace them. Soon, this renewable energy will be the source that will help lower our utility bills over the long term. There is a lot to be excited about!

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