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Where Have the Years Gone

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

Recently, I celebrated a birthday and the more mature I become, the more I notice the fast pace in which life seems to unfold before us. It's not the idea of where has time gone to but rather where have the years gone by. When I look at my life, and believe me, when you write your autobiography as I have, you get pretty clued up on the events of your life that get you to where you now stand. As I began to write 'My Story', I was first faced with, just the sheer remembering of things I thought I had forgotten. Then came the piecing and the sequencing of events. And, that was, even before truly understanding what I had gained from my own unique journey.

But, as time went by and, in the recollecting of the things that made me who I am today, I realized the enormity of choices I had made, in the beginning of my life.

We go through life thinking that we have a world of time to live out our dreams. When we are children we cannot wait to grow up, just so we can do all that we want to do. Then, when we grow up, we realize that we do not have the freedom we thought we would have to do them. We notice, with that freedom we imagined 'grown-ups' had, that as adults, we are restricted by our thoughts, by our choices which, at times, also culminate in holding us back in our actions towards our dreams and aspirations. As adults, we have a whole new spectrum of filtering our chosen path and, we do this, through our conditioning, our governmental rule, religious indoctrination, our schooling, our societal obligations, not to mention, our moral and ethical considerations.

In retrospect, it was great as kids to have the ability to take in the wonder and joyous occasion of life. We were, of course, prevented by our parents, from doing all the things they did not want us to do. And yet, we still behaved rather more freely then, than as adults today. We had a joy for life, that was so different to our preferred choices of enjoyment of living now. We took in the wonder of life, of seeing a leaf on the ground to dropping it in favor of rushing after a butterfly that came into our field of vision. And, in just the next moment, falling on our knees in our gleeful running and being totally oblivious to the obstacles that caused our fall. And yet, in the next moment, after a few tears and a loving band-aid placed there by a caring mother, to venture forth in search of another something that captured our imagination in but a moment. That is freedom! And, that is the freedom that most of us have lost touch with.

Years and years have gone by, and most people have a deep recollection of all their hurts, all their disappointments, all their victimization, all of their disillusions, yet few know of their inner unmasked illusions.

What prevents your child-like freedom today?Who stopped you from seeing the world as you used to, with wonder and beauty?Was it society?Was it our parents who slowly broke our imagination for more livelihood than liveliness?Was it our religious fervor or the rules and laws of the land which exalt control over self-expression?Was it your insecurities which you fight so vociferously to keep ever harder than your liberation from them?

Whatever your answers, bear in mind that we all choose what we accept from the lessons we have so liberally allowed ourselves. You would not be here today, with the understanding you have of all that you have lived and lived through, if you had not given yourself these challenges. It is said that, the dodo became extinct because it had no natural enemies. Humanity is, endowed with the ability to create its own problems who become our 'enemies' to overcome. We have the fortitude of mind for capturing an understanding through each single moment of 'aha', like the proverbial eureka moment. In that 'I grasp' second, it all comes to light that you needed those years that have gone by to refine your choices, to polish your understanding of self, to get a clear vision of who and what you are, to have a huge list of all your capacities, to have the growth to now know your strengths from your victories, and a storehouse of the love you have developed for yourself in this adventure called Life.

So when you look back and look at how old you are, drop that thought immediately! Rather, look at the years that have gone by as platform from which you can now be all you have become and all you are still to achieve in your years to come.

When you do that, you know that your future will be an exponential enlargement of an Individual Realized!

Hi I'm A.V. (everyone calls me that) I have established myself as a top coaching specialist/analyst and do my part to improve world economies through advanced people potential skills.

Being well respected as a foremost expert on personal and professional advancement, I have become quite well known and somewhat renowned to my students, as well as, clients as a coach,growth consultant, seminar facilitator, public speaker, change agent and soon to be author.

Having also been involved in the Spiritual side of Life, I am also a Light-worker who lends herself to all aspects of the Life Force, energy in Quantum Mechanics. I have taught, coached, counselled candidates for various fields of alternative medicine, healing arts and various aspects of the premises of the creation process!

Please feel free to visit my corporate website for further information and I look forward to being of service to you!

My site:

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