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Top 10 Personal Safety Tips

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Have you watched the news lately? I know most of the material they report is depressing, but take 5 to 10 minutes to watch it. You will notice men and women explaining to thousands and sometimes millions of viewers their experience being a victim of a crime. What makes their stories even worse is that it could have been prevented. These innocent civilians like many others do not expect to be a victim. Sometimes that might not be the case, and you have to be prepared to defend yourself. Following and practicing religiously these personal safety tips can help reduce your chances of being the next victim.

Becoming More Aware Of Your SurroundingsIt is very amazing how criminals are able to gather a wealth of information about a potential victim just by observing their daily activities. When you prepare to go to work or run errands, be sure to take a glance all around you. Don't just strictly walk to your car while you sing along to your favorite tune on your MP3 player. Constantly continue to look around while you are heading towards your car. When entering into a facility whether it is your job or supermarket; you should always try to learn the schematic of the facility. Look for exit signs, stairs, elevators, or anything that can be useful if an emergency arises and you need to escape. A little awareness of your surroundings can ensure your personal safety.

Use Defensive Gear You Currently OwnCriminal's most reliable accomplice is men and women who do not use their defensive gear they currently own. What do I mean by that? People have a tendency to believe that leaving their car or home doors unlock is okay because no one will ever try to break in. These are the opportunities criminals search and wait for when they make their assault. Not using your personal defensive gear you paid for not only makes it useless; it endangers your personal safety. The next time you get out of your car; be sure to lock your doors and roll up your windows. Preparing to leave your home to run errands, set your security alarms and make sure everything including windows are locked. Taking the time to use the personal defensive gear you own will increase your chance of maintaining your personal safety and saving you a lot of hassle and money.

Develop A Personal Defensive PlanMajority of us have a plan if there is a tornado in our community, a fire in our home, and/or even if we get a flat tire. Do you have a plan for your personal self-defense? If not, you need to stop what you are doing and immediately start working on a personal self-defense action plan. Of course we don't wake up and expect to be in a life and death situation, but what would do if you were? Would you know how to respond? Would you be able to effectively use pepper spray, a stun gun, or another self defense product? What if someone you care about was in this situation and you were their only hope? These are a few tough questions you must ask yourselves because it could happen to you. Developing a customized personal defensive plan for you and/or your family is a blueprint on what needs to be done if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. A dog wants to attack you; the dog electronic repellant will interrupt any plans of you being bitten. You are jogging and someone is waiting to rob you; the pepper spray you carry in your pocket will bring your assailant down to their knees begging for mercy. No matter what personal self-defense plan you develop; be sure that it is relevant to your lifestyle, continue to review and update your plan, and most importantly rehearse your plan on a continuous basis.

Never Panic Or HesitateIt is very difficult to suppress the emotions that pumps through your body when you are scared or caught completely by surprise, we're human. Nevertheless, the ability to control panic when the situation seems like it is getting out of control can be a lifesaving personal defense. Panic is a powerful emotion that can cause us to make irrational decisions. To counter this effect, if you find yourself beginning to panic, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. The defense non-lethal gear you are carrying or the martial arts skills you possess becomes useless if you are not able to think. In conjunction to controlling your panic, when an opportunity presents itself be sure not to hesitate. In situations where a crime is in progress, you might only get one opportunity to use your non-lethal defensive weapon or perform a devastating pressure point move to render your assailant helpless. Rehearsing and simulating situations you have develop in your personal self-defense action plan can greatly reduce the chances of panic setting in if it occurs, and you not hesitating to act if the opportunity presents itself.

Follow Your InstinctsHave you ever listened to a story a random person told you, and you had that feeling that something doesn't sound right or it feels wrong? This gut feeling or instincts can be the difference between maintain your personal safety or being a victim. Just like our teachers and parents told us time and time again, if you are sensing something is wrong, it usually is. Trusting and not doubting our instincts can make a world of a difference when it comes to personal safety.

Constantly Change Your Route Robbers and kidnappers will watch your route for months to determine the times you go to work, when & where you go to lunch, errands, and so much more. This information is very vital when it comes down to developing a plan to victimize you. Never have a static and consistent schedule. Always take different routes to work, never be too trustworthy with everyone, and if you have children encourage them to take different routes as well. Being unpredictable and random makes it very difficult for anyone especially a criminal to develop a pattern in order to plan a heist or worst yet a kidnapping!

Get InformedIn this violent and dangerous world, it is imperative you take the time to become informed on different threats that can jeopardize your personal safety. Watching the news or reading the newspaper can give insight on new techniques and tactics criminals are using to exploit defensive gear. For instance, the news did a report on an old but effective technique that criminals are using to bypass locks on your home in seconds; it is called lock bumping. The principle behind lock bumping is that it is easy to make, very easy to learn, and will defeat 90% of residential locks. The remedy that was suggested to counter this serious threat is to invest in defensive security gear that is resistant to bumping. Learning the trade of criminals will help you develop an efficient personal self-defense plan that will counter these schemes.

Never Walk AloneKidnappings and assault rates has continued to climbed at a ferocious rate over the years, especially among women. Another fact about this trend is that these crimes usually take place when the victim is alone. A great deterrent of potential crimes and maintaining your personal safety is to never walk alone. If you are taking the subway, leaving school, or an event; make a strong effort to walk with someone or a group of friends. Living on campus and no one is available to walk with; contact campus security and they will make sure you get to your destination safely. Never be ashamed to ask someone to walk with you, especially if you have a feeling that your personal safety will be at risk. There is always safety in numbers.

Keep Valuable Items HiddenOn average, robbers spend less than 15 minutes looking for valuables to steal. In most scenarios, robbers are very successful because of the common places everyone tends to hide their precious belongings. Avoid hiding your valuables in these common places.

Under Bed MattressIn Their BedroomA Visible SafeIn Your Pockets of Your ClothesUnder the SinkFurniture Cushions

The best places to hide your valuables are locations where a robber won't consider or won't have time to search.

In Your YardTampon BoxSafe In Floor of Your HomeFreezerKid's Toy

Purchasing a diversion safe is a powerful defensive gear in the war against thieves. These safes look like regular household items and are capable of hiding your precious contents whether it is jewelry or cash. Keep in mind, when you are looking for places to hide your valuables, do not store your contents in places or items that a robber considers valuable like paintings or electronics. The best place to hide your content is in plain sight!!

Buy Personal Self-Defense GearWe always say the greatest personal defense against criminals is avoidance. Unfortunately, some of us find ourselves in this situation anyway. Do you have the tools required to deal with this threat? If not, you should consider purchasing self defense products that is capable of defending against human and animal attacks. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your personal defensive gear is by your side and ready to work for you if an assailant ever looks your way.

Make the investment in self defense equipment; it is worth every penny.

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