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How To Live Without Fear and Worry

July 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 341

Each of us live in some degree of fear and anxiety of what we perceive to be happening in our outside world. The real aim is to reclaim the powers of True Self which knows no fear. You'll see that fear is an acronym. It's also an emotional state triggered by interpretations, perceptions and illusion. It is not born within the Real You.

Grow Beyond Illusions

There is much in life that is perceived as beyond our control. To get to a real Truth, we already have what we need to succeed. It's just that you have to use awareness and see it all around you. This alone should give you a different view. It can change your "reality". One illusion is that we must have direct control over everything in life. No wonder people resist, push, struggle and fight.

It's also an illusion to stay hampered by our fear. Fear is an illusion because you are only seeing something based on either the past, or imagining something in the future. Right in this very moment you have more power if you stay in awareness. This is key to how to live without fear and worry.

Allowing fear and worry to keep its grip on you is not necessary. Know that you can let go the mental and emotional sensation. You must use your inner tools of the Will, determination, perception and reframing.

Awakened Attention

Staying in the present moment is crucial. Even from scientific study and observation, once you bring yourself back to a calm state, awaken to the Now moment, you're giving your brain a chance to organize itself. Your cells reach back, correspond and connect with the back of the brain. That includes tapping into the action center of the brain, and a very active and important part, the Amygdale.

When you keep your attention on your fears and worries, you are empowering that state and the subconscious blocks, memories and experiences that has become habit. But when you shift your view away from that, you start to see the fear and unhappiness is self created. It is at that point you redirect your attention to what is right, and move forward to solutions and happiness.

Here's an exercise to do throughout the day. As much as you can remember to do so, intentionally disconnect yourself from your own thoughts. Choosing awareness over the cloud of fear and anxiety enables you to reclaim control and direction.

When you are stuck in fear and worry you must let go of the "juice" or emotion the conscious mind is addicted to. That in itself is one of the most powerful effects of thoughts. But you have at your command a process that puts you back in gear to empowerment and answers.

1) Relax and calm: Stop, come to the Now moment and allow the brain to reorganize itself

2) Release: Discover the tension and release it. Breath!

3) Notice: Now that your awareness is in the present, you remove the mental blinders and can open a wider vista of your world. The mental tunnel vision that kept you in oscillation is no longer the obstacle.

4) Respond: Take a step of action to access the value of what changes. Did it take you further or closer to a desired outcome? The question becomes; what Do I want? The mind is designed to search for answers. The super-conscious responds. As it's in that search, it's creating possibilities and choices.

Fearless Foundation

False Evidence Appearing Real

Here's a valuable insight to remember. It's not the person, event or circumstance itself, but rather your inner self that reacts in fear. Your true Self has nothing to fear. It's that you make yourself fearful each time you look to your outside environment.

Look within the Self and approach life from the inside out first. Reaction is dangerous. It can actually turn your course to what you don't want. Use your powers of intention and attention. Take hold of perception, intuition and guided action. That will steer you towards what you do want. Responding is important. To respond means to move forward from assessing the options and choices you received from your higher awareness.

What You Resist, Persists!

One thing you must avoid is trying to resist your fears. The more you try to resist anything, the stronger it becomes. Why? Because by resisting, you're putting more emotional attention to it. That serves to give it more power. By fighting anything you are making yourself struggle and push.

Now you know you don't have to live in fear. You know how to take control, respond, and know the options from your state of awareness. Your true Self will never enslave you to illusions.

Greg is author of Yes, It's All About You! Seeing First Yourself, Then the World You Create, and expert in Universal Laws. He's also studied the basics of quantum science and has knowledge in the Mind, "Observation" and the inner world that creates "reality".

To discover the most powerful way to move out of fear, worry, confusion of any challenge, and into True Action and Solutions that are best for You, visit now and get this Free 5 Step Strategy.

For more info and knowledge on truly learning the Self, and reclaiming control and direction to your desires in life, go now to

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How To Live Without Fear And Worry


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