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April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

Growing up, we all wanted to be better than the others; in fact, we always viewed ourselves as better than the others. Competition was instilled within each child from an early age. At school there were positions and categories in passing a grade. We didn't just get the results and a pass mark and that was it. You were either a position one or a 10. At home you would be told about your older brother/sister's conduct that you should copy. We were always told to do better. Hands up anyone who never experienced this? Didn't think so...

Now that I am a grown up, I have seen a lot of characters, some are close relatives and some are just acquaintances, some I don't even know. Some characters are successful, some managing, some living between hand and mouth - the haves and the have-nots. As a have-not, when I engage with the other so called have-nots, it is always enlightening to discover that they are very intelligent and they just have a way of looking at things and they are the most real people I have seen. I started to wonder if this competition and categorisation that we were introduced into was just to push us to unleash the potential each human being has or it was just so we can fit into the different categories put together by society... Those that are successful, are they successful in the true sense of the word, i.e. can they think for themselves or are they dependent on impressions (material possessions and social standings) and what people think of them and the term success? Can they think independently of any ideology? Can they comprehend the way things are on earth or is their thinking influenced by the some external forces such as the media? Can they really look deep within themselves and see a successful person, not because of money, material possessions, or connections? Can they question and analyse the way things are in society?

I think the main thing we learnt from our schooling system was not to be successful but to compete and get position one, be the highest in class, fit in that desired category/social class. As for being smart, am not sure if we are that smart, even with our education, not with our channeled thinking. Even after we got into institutions of higher learning (those that managed to do so), we learnt so we could get our dream cars. We did not learn so we could review and question things, we are still gobbling based on the agenda put forth like we did back in the day...

If I were to go back to my great grandmother's time, I would do so without thinking twice. I think they were the most real, did their own thing without being influenced by any agendas. Of course there were super powers even then, but they were from the same school of thought. Unlike us nowadays, we take in everything that is thrown our way without even raising an eyebrow, we believe any ideology, more especially that from unknown and far away shores. We aspire to fit in the categories that have long been created for anyone who has no stand point. I cannot help thinking of what will happen to our offspring... they will be a lost cause that does not respect themselves unless they are good enough to fit in certain "categories". That is what they will aspire for, and they will do absolutely anything to fit into those categories. Already they believe that speaking foreign languages is the next best thing to slice bread.

I am tired of the categories and the agendas we live for. We have turned into fake because of our so called success. We have forgotten the most basic principles of life Ubuntu and community.

When we talk of talent and potential, we refer to driving a big car because it is the measure of success. We cannot try and link it with the talent parable on Matthew: 25. We are shallow in our thinking and comprehension of everything around us, including the bible. We are forever looking for literal meanings and take things at face value. We go to church so we can show off instead of going there to learn God's ways. It is how we were channeled from a very tender age - compete and get to be on the best category.

My name is Thandiwe Mapi. I am not an expert author but I love writing, it helps me think even further about things. I love reading and therefore would love to write a my own book and have it read by someone. For me reading and writing exposes one to research which automatically takes one into information. If we are to be an information society, each one of us should have a room lined with book shelves in our homes and not just plasma screens. I think, watching TV and reading newspapers is good enough but for further detail and a substantiated information one needs to read and sometimes jot down their own ideas on what they've read.

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