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Balance Your Chi to Promote Body, Spirit and Mind

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

What comes to mind when you hear the word "balance?" Some may instantly think of an acrobat on a balance beam. Others may recall a scale at an open-air market with weights on one side and their produce on the other side.

In fact, the term "balance" is used across such disciplines and fields as mathematics, accounting, chemistry, and psychology. Three definitions of "balance" will be discussed in this article to show just how balancing your Chi can promote unity of your body, your spirit, and your mind.

Balance: To bring into or maintain in a state of equilibrium

Your Chi or inner force reaches every part of your body, even to depths of your innermost thoughts and feelings. It affects not only what you say and do but also how you say and do things. It is uniquely yours, much like your fingerprint.

If any part of the body is off-balance, perhaps being attacked by bacteria or a virus or is injured in some other way, then this throws off your overall equilibrium. For example, if you have a bad case of the flu, you tend not to have much energy and are not likely to want to do much. Or if you're in a serious accident and you sustain injuries, then it is necessary for you to rest until your body can heal itself and regain its equilibrium.

Balance: To bring into or keep in equal or satisfying proportion or harmony

The mind, body and spirit are interrelated. The condition of one part affects the other two, and so it stands to reason that all three parts deserve to be properly nurtured and satisfied to achieve balance.

In traditional Chinese beliefs, self- nurturing tends to follow three basic philosophical schools of thought: Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist. The Confucian philosophy focuses on doing what is considered to be morally correct. The Buddhist perspective draws attention to spiritual well-being gained through meditation. The Taoist seeks to obtain longevity and spiritual enlightenment.

The Art of Chi offers techniques to a variety of people with a variety of needs. Getting what you personally need helps to balance your Chi and thus works toward your internal harmony.

Balance: A stable mental or psychological state; emotional stability.

The human body is a wonderfully complex work of art. While we seek to understand the full capabilities of the human mind, much has yet to be learned. What is clear though is that one's emotional state can have a powerful effect on how the body functions, including how it heals itself.

One wise proverb states, "Have you shown yourself discouraged in the day of your distress? Your power will be scanty". Studies show that having a positive attitude when dealing with difficult situations, including serious illness, can energize you and give you the needed strength to deal effectively and realistically with the situation at hand.

Remember, a balanced Chi promotes harmony of your mind, body, and spirit!

When the body's Chi, or inner force, is in balance life goes on very peacefully and comfortably. The techniques to achieve this state can be easily learned. The ebook Channeling Chi can help you find your optimum balance in life. Ernie Reynolds is the owner of Self Help Ebooks Galore, a collection of self help books designed to improve and enhance the loves of common people.

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