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Grow Your Business Using This One Simple Online Marketing Strategy

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 116

Building your Email list

For anyone who is associated with Network Marketing or own a home based business, you know how vital having an email list is. E-mailing is probably among the top marketing methods that marketers and business owners use to communicate with consumers. You know the old saying; the power is in the list? Creating connections is one of the main reasons you'll want to be creating your email database. Don't forget, it's much easier to target established buyers than to find new ones. Watch the next few steps, so you can discover ways to build an effective email list which will help improve your business tremendously.

Make use of your existing list

Chances are you have some sort of email list already. Start building your list by utilizing what you currently have. Think back to any contact you might have created in the past and include them on your list. Keep in mind that you are not spamming them, but you are only using their email for marketing applications. Even if they are not your targeted market, it is still a start to developing your email listings.

Collect friends and family emails also because they're also a start to creating a possible customers list. Your friends and family may not join your opportunity, but they will usually buy your products. At the same time, understand that just because they are not employing your services, does not mean they won't send your information in the form of a referral to someone who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Social Media

I have raved about social media before because it's a fantastic way to gather connections. Facebook allows you to arrange a welcome or Fan page where folks can enter their information. While using this information responsibly, you can gather several different email contacts. The important part of email marketing is that you treat your email addresses like gold. By no means spam your contacts and always send them useful information. Never, ever, ever sell your email list to someone else and never buy email addresses from outside sources. That is a sure way to "brokesville" in the business world.

Landing pages

A Landing or Squeeze page is usually a solo page on the internet which is solely for the use of getting prospective customers contact info. The site is kept very simple to keep the subscriber concentrated on the main details. Without giving excessive information away, but just enough to peak their interest; you encourage the prospect to enter their name and email information. Many marketers offer a free eBook or "enter to win" prize if they subscribe to their list.

Content is King

All through my research I always come back to precisely the same information. Content is King when creating emails, articles or blogs. As you can probably tell, I enjoy blogging and try my best to give out helpful information. Those who have found my information useful will subscribe to my email newsletter and updates. You have the same ability to design content that appeals to your targeted audience. Just keep in mind that it takes time to gain followers that will eventually subscribe. It will happen, but give it a while.

Email marketing is a completely new world.

Prior to email marketing the target was home addresses. A good portion of your profits were spent on postage alone. Thank goodness for the innovation of email marketing. It's now the preferred method for list building without all the expenses. Your key to creating an email list is to make sure you do it properly, no shortcuts. It's like the people who purchase fans for their Facebook fan page, (yeah, people really do that!). It might look like you have a lot of "clientele" but in reality it's all smoke and mirrors. The business owners who succeed in building their contact lists are the ones who do it the right way. Build relationships, write unique content, be patient and regular, and you'll begin to see your list and business skyrocket.

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