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Email Marketing - The Benefits of a Responsive List

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 143

There is much value in a responsive list, and there are several aspects of list building that must be addressed in order to construct and maintain a list that keeps coming back to your site. You must provide reasons to return to your site, and use methods to increase user responsiveness. You must look at both sides - generating traffic, and converting that traffic into interested users who will potentially buy from you.

Several steps exist that must be completed in order to build a responsive list begins with creating an area on your website that allows the user to input their email address. In order to persuade the user to supply their information, you can offer the user something in return such as a free report or an email course. This will instantly build rapport and create a good starting point to build the user's responsiveness. Additionally, displaying testimonials on the website can also help as it builds a trust factor and the user will be more likely to submit their information. Another prominent method at increasing the return rate and spread of your website is to remind the user to bookmark and/or share your website with their friends. Not only will you gain more traffic from the friends, but if a user shares a website, they are more likely to return themselves.

While offering freebies to users is an effective method, be aware that "freebie seekers" exist. These are people who will never want to buy anything and will search high and beyond for anything free without ever intending to buy anything. It is important to ensure that your list has as many responsive users as possible - that want to buy things, rather than users who just want free products and information.

As previously mentioned, an email course is a useful way to get a reader interested in the information you have to provide. It is important to build and maintain curiosity in the user so that they are on the lookout for your next email. Invite them to comment on the provided material in order to make them feel like they are participating, which in turn, increases their involvement and responsiveness. They may even return to the site to view replies to their comments, which increases loyalty. On this notion, if you have a decent size list of users, or a large amount of traffic, consider making a forum to entice your visitors to return again and again.

Building a relationship with your subscribers is a vital aspect to this business due to the fact that they are more likely to listen to you and to purchase your products if you provide them with valuable information and connect with them. Additionally, ensure that you are providing both valuable information and new products quite often, as it will keep the reader interested. Having a responsive list is very important and by building rapport, you can increase your conversions.

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