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High School Classroom Management Strategies That Work

August 29, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 150

A classroom that behaves, listens and learns is one of the ultimate goals of every educator concerned with rendering effective service on the job. In reality, effective strategy for building classroom discipline is the Holy Grail that many tired and stressed out educators need to rejuvenate their teaching career. It is also what is needed to make many educators who though passionate about teaching yet are already thinking of quitting the profession to rescind their decisions. If you are a high school educator looking for how to raise your students' test scores, updating your knowledge on high school classroom management techniques is the way to go.

Importance of classroom management workshops: Improved classroom management strategies are part of a continuing education program commonly taught in classroom management workshops which educators who are passionate about attaining success in the teaching profession should benefits from. There are practical skill sets new educators need to acquire and learn when they graduate newly from universities and colleges and join the teaching work force. These skill sets also commonly taught in classroom management workshops go beyond the theories they learnt in these higher institutions and if the new educators are fully equipped for the new trends, then they will be able to withstand the modern age classrooms that are in existence in our high schools and deliver on their callings as practicing educators.

How to build skill sets needed for achieving success in the teaching profession: All educators are unique in their different personalities, that is, weaknesses and strengths, and in their teaching styles. Therefore, the goal of every educator should be how to develop effective classroom management strategies that fits own style and personality using the core techniques needed to facilitate reduction in disruptive behaviors among high school students and create conducive learning environment. While you are working on building your teaching skill sets that works, take note of the following important hints.

Maintain consistency in your approach. If you are looking to enjoy an attentive classroom learning environment and reduce inappropriate student behaviors to the barest minimum, then you must be consistent in whatever high school classroom management techniques you choose to adopt. If you fail to be consistent, you will lose your students' respect as quickly as possible and your skills at managing your class will deteriorate fast which may lead to frustration on the long run.

Maintain positive attitude all the way. You can't successfully implement high school classroom management techniques that works without being positive minded. Plan to teach each lesson with a positive frame of mind and look to your students to be at their best in good behavior and individual classroom participation. Once your students attain the height that is worthy of commendation, make sure they know it. If you approach each lesson with the fear of the worst and then act negative towards your students, you should expect them to act in like manner towards you.

Deal with classroom management issues before they occur. That is being proactive and it will help you to solve potential classroom problems before they occur which is good for your efforts at building high school classroom management techniques that works.

Author is Dr. Jordan Reeves Walker who is a motivator of educators, business teams and parents. For more information on her classroom management strategies workshops, contact Dr. Walker at 678.772.9707, or visit her blog at

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