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7 Reasons Why Your Facial Skin Gets Red and Irritated

February 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

There are many causes of irritated red facial skin. Learning about the causes will help you to understand how to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. So, take a few minutes to read this helpful article.

**Heat or Sunlight

Most people are familiar with sunburn. They realize that if they spend too much time in the sun, they will see redness and irritation in a matter of hours. What you might not know is that other heat sources can cause the problem too.

Welding, cooking, washing dishes in a restaurant or spending a lot of time in any hot environment will cause the face to redden. In a few cases, the problem becomes chronic. When that happens we call it rosacea.


Rosacea is usually an age-related condition, but it does appear in some younger individuals. One of the famous people with rosacea is former US President Bill Clinton. No one knows the exact cause, although frequent sunburns and a tendency to blush are risk factors.


Windburn causes irritated red facial skin. It is similar to sunburn, except that the skin's surface may feel much drier. Chapping and peeling may occur more quickly than with sunburn. In some cases, both the sun and the wind combine to cause the problem.

**Harsh Cleansers

Many of the cleansers on the market contain harsh ingredients that can cause redness and irritation especially in sensitive individuals and those who have a tendency to scrub. Orange oil and sodium laurel sulfate are examples of cleansing agents that can cause the problem.


Just as harsh cleansers and a tendency to scrub the face can cause irritated red facial skin, over cleansing in general can cause the problem. Normally, it should only be necessary to use a cleanser when the face is visibly dirty. Otherwise, warm water and a clean cloth should be all that you need to remove perspiration and salts that can accumulate on the face.


Although exfoliation has become very popular, it is not an essential part of a healthy skincare routine. Exfoliants typically contain mild acids. As you might expect, acids of any kind will upset the skin's pH balance causing redness and irritation.

Other exfoliating products contain tiny plastic beads. Not only does the use of the plastic beads cause irritated red facial skin. They are not biodegradable, which means they are not environmentally friendly.


Dermatitis is a general term that describes any kind of inflammation affecting the dermis. It can be an allergen or irritant in a skincare product. It could be eczema, a fungal infection, a parasite or any number of things. It can be hard even for dermatologists to determine the source of the inflammation. One thing is for certain, frequent or chronic inflammation is not good for the skin's long term health and appearance.

Anytime you experience irritated red facial skin, you are experiencing inflammation. There are preventative measures you can take to ensure that inflammation does not damage your skin's health and appearance. You can learn about them in my next article.

Thanks for reading the article. There is a lot more skin care information on my website - all free. I would like to invite you to visit for FREE Instant Access to a more information on HOW TO PREVENT RED IRRITATED SKIN

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