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Hyperinflation, Monetary Collapse of the Financial System - Be Prepared!

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

The politicians want your votes and they want to keep their cushy jobs full of perks for an eternity. The only way they can guarantee their own job security is to promise the populous everything and constantly go on a deficit spending spree to pay for it. If you're happy, they stay in their cushy jobs and the cycle just keeps repeating each election year. The Fed is obligated to the politicians; they insure an unlimited supply of fiat currency is available for the politicians to fund all the government programs and handouts.

In recent years, massive efforts to keep central bank printing presses running from the US, UK, EU, Japan, China and others goes on unchecked. Deficit spending from the governments of these countries has become an unstoppable force now growing completely out of control. The current financial structure is designed for sheer pandemonium and chaos. At some point during this decade there will be a massive transfer of wealth, from paper to real assets. To protect your current assets, invest now into tangible assets such as gold or silver. These are hard assets that are capable of surviving through any major economic crisis, insuring the great wealth transfer to you is complete.

When excess money is printed wealth transfers take place. This happens all the time, it is known as inflation. Inflation is a central banker's tool, used to evade the severity of austerity measures that would otherwise be implemented. Currently you only need to look at Greece to measure how the current austerity measures are being accepted by the Greek populace. Eventually the outcome here will either be all out hyperinflation, potentially on a scale multiple times greater than Weimar Germany in 1923, combined with a total collapse of the fiat currency system, or a massive corrective deflationary crash.

The reason being when high inflation hits this time around opposed to the inflation of the 70's, the extent of the fall-out will be significantly worse. Because the entire world's financial system is heavily connected with the dollar. Historically once people come the conclusion that their currency can no longer be relied upon, a loss of faith occurs within the country's fiat currency. This is one example of how a fiat currency based monetary system dies. From here you have sheer panic among the masses.

It is vital for everyone to move a major part of their current assets into physical forms of gold and silver now. Stay away from paper gold and silver such as ETF's. You must have something real that you can physically see and hold in your hands to guarantee your wealth is protected. Once the global financial system goes down if you're not already prepared, sadly you're going to go down with everyone else. Those fortunate enough to make the right decisions now will be richly rewarded once the greatest wealth transfer in history takes place. Be Prepared!

Tom Genot

For information, news, articles and videos to invest in gold and silver and where the best places are to buy it. You will also find information for preparing and protecting you, your family and your assets from the pending economic crises and destruction of the US. Dollar. Author Tom Genot provides information and resources helpful to everyone. Insure your prepared beforehand, check us out at

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