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Tips for Selecting Batch Feeding Check Scanning Equipment

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

The check scanning equipment available from manufacturers today are far more advanced than what was purchasable only a few years ago. Additions to designs have been completed since the allowance of digital imaging to remove the workload behind paper transactions. Immediate benefits of this banking addition include:

  • Limited Document Handling
  • Increased Security
  • Fast Authentication
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Minimal Hand Keying
  • Faster Settlement
  • Improved Customer Service

A bank check scanner can be implemented at each teller station, or as a branch back-counter process to expedite paper transaction settlement. How do these devices work in a typical financial institution setting? This depends on where the image capture process takes place. Teller capture eliminates end of day processing and the need for certain batch operations. A check is submitted by the customer to the teller who first verifies the customer's identity, then feeds the checks through the scanner, and balances the transaction with the customer present. In a back-counter environment, all checks are processed by the teller, while balancing, CAR/LAR, and MICR correction for the transaction are handled in an offsite operations center.

What Bank Check Scanner Features are Essential?

Back-counter capture has a lower implementation cost due to reduced device counts; however, it can have a higher overall cost due to the operations center costs and also increases the chance for errors as the operations center does not have access to the original check for correction. Teller capture may entail a higher cost because a bank check scanner must be purchased for each station, however, that cost may be offset by a reduction in operation centers or required staff. Both offer the above benefits to a financial institution, and this increased need feeds the advancement of offered devices. Many equipment choices are available to banks desiring to implement scanners as part of their paper transaction handling. Those desiring back counter branch capture should seek these specific capabilities:

  • High Capacity and Robust Feeding
  • High Speed Performance
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Based Sorting
  • Onboard Display Screen
  • Intuitive to Use
  • Double-Feed Protection
  • Rear audit Trail Endorsement Capabilities
  • Built-in Diagnostic Features
  • Easy Maintenance

Check scanning equipmentcapable of feeding three hundred items allows for effective back-counter batch processing. Performance should be rated at a minimum of two hundred documents per minute to meet back counter needs. Equipment with these qualities allows a financial institution to replace large sorters with a simple to use and compact design capable of meeting intense handling requirements.

Compatibility is equally important since a bank check scanner must work with all other utilized applications within a banking environment. It is recommended to utilize a remote monitoring system to ensure maximum uptime performance. Does the equipment work in conjunction with the latest operating systems? Will additional software be required to create the necessary interfaces? What type of maintenance will be required to keep each device efficiently operating? These questions must be answered before deciding whether to buy a branch or teller oriented solution. Supplied features should be evaluated before buying any type of check scanning equipment to ensure requirements are met. Additional features to consider when evaluating devices can include image quality, color versus grayscale, and the amount of required training. Knowing what is needed before buying will guarantee a smooth transition as a facility begins to incorporate this technology.

Check scanning equipment must be chosen carefully to receive the full benefits of digital file creation. Bank check scanner performance and delivered features should match exact needs.

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