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The Color of Sales

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

The concept of eCommerce design more often than not will rely on your ability to coordinate colors within your specific project. While you might be inclined to simply choose your favorite colors for your site, you should try to understand that the professionals design their websites in a way that attracts new customers, and even directs their actions while they are there.

Some colors help to impart a sexual message, and others will work to present a feeling of belonging. Still there are others that promote happiness while others try to identify with nature. If you have ever visited an adult website, then you have more than likely noticed that they utilize black and red. These colors tend to represent sophistication, seduction, excitement, sex, and even speed. These are all of the necessary emotions when it comes to adult websites, but there are other businesses to consider, and other color schemes to take advantage of.

Let us say for example that you wish to promote a health food website. if your goal is to make the potential customers feel special, then it would be a good idea to work the color purple into the mix somewhere. The question you might be asking yourself at this point is what these colors have to do with the message you are trying to send. Generally they have nothing to do with your product or service, but the human mind reacts differently to various colors. When you are building a website you will get one of two messages across to your clients. Either you will show them that you know what you're doing, or you will show them that you really do not know how to build a website.

Before you truly launch your website it will be important for you to review your layout and ensure that you are making the best use of the color palette. It might seem like a waste of time, and you may become bored with it, but choosing the right colors and mixing them effectively will save you a lot of time in the long run.

First impressions are very important when it comes to ecommerce web design, and for this reason you may want to let a few people preview your website before it actually goes live. Unless you have an exceptional product, there is a strong chance that your potential customers will not return to your website once it makes a bad impression on them. That being said, it would be in your best interest to do some research and learn which colors would go well with your particular business. Bear in mind that you may want to use more than one color for your website in the interest of getting your traffic to convert. You may need to try different combinations if you wish to start converting customers to sales, but with a little research and some trial and error, you might just find that you can draw the customers you need and even spread the name of your business through word of mouth. The things that proper colors can do for you will be utterly amazing, and while it might be hard for you to get started, you will find the color of sales, and you will bring your company into the next phase of development.

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