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Hand Water Pumps Maintain Water Supplies Through Power Outages

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

Seasonal weather activity often results in power outages. Anyone with a home that relies on an electrical water pump knows from experience the inconvenience of a water shortage during prolonged power outages. Violent weather, seasonal storms, electrical brownouts, and blackouts can all interfere with water supply. Hand water pumps restore access to water supplies during these times.

People use water on a daily basis for health and sanitation. A clean source of water is necessary for washing dishes and clothes, personal hygiene, and, of course, drinking. A hand water pump is a great solution for people with wells and electric water pumps to restore a water supply during a power outage.

Hand water pumps use physics to bring water to the surface mechanically. A hand pump can usually be installed with an existing electrical pump without difficulty. Individuals with some mechanical expertise may undertake installation on their own, but a licensed plumber would be a good choice, as the devices can be installed in under an hour by an experienced professional. Typically, they are useful in wells up to 350 feet in depth.

It is important to collect a few measurements before choosing a hand pump, which will help with installation down the road. First, the well depth must be determined. This is the full depth the well is drilled or cased. Secondly, the depth of the ground water or static water level must be measured. This is the distance from the top of the water in the well to the top of the well. The device pumps from the static level but should be set a distance of about twenty-five to thirty feet below the static level to maintain water supply when ground water levels drop.

All manual and electric pumps should be constructed out of lead-free and durable materials that are safe for drinking water such as stainless steel. Solar upgrades are available for hand water pumps, and users should expect to pump approximately five gallons per minute. The restored water supply will keep families hydrated, toilets flushing, and households running a little more normally throughout the frustrations of a power outage.

Frost-proof design enables all pumps to function throughout the year in all seasons. Maintaining an adequate supply of clean water during a power outage will keep families healthier and more comfortable. Hand water pumps are a practical way to access well water and bypass an electrical pump when the power is out.

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