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Where to Turn When Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs

June 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

Getting used to life with hearing aids can take some time. Accepting that you have experienced hearing loss is a big adjustment for many people. Their days are often filled with visits to the hearing healthcare professional for hearing tests and researching the various hearing aid models on the market.

Choosing the best hearing device to meet your needs is a big task. There are dozens of hearing device brands on the market and each brand has a long list of models. The hearing instrument industry invests millions of dollars into the research and testing of new technology each year.

Hearing devices aren't what they used to be. They were once big, ugly, cumbersome boxes that were uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. They often made loud squealing noises in the most inappropriate times. Most of the negative stigma associated with hearing loss and the need to wear hearing aids is based on the old school models.

Fortunately, today's hearing devices are small, sleek and discrete. They contain advanced technological features. Some are wireless, digital or water resistant. Phonak's Lyric model is one of the most popular invisible hearing aids. Invisible hearing aids are worn completely inside the ear, making them invisible to the outside world. The Lyric is worn inside of the ear 24/7 and requires zero handling.

Once most people choose the right hearing instrument for their situation, they are often amazed at how immediate and intense the difference in their hearing is. The technology in today's hearing aids brings crisp and clean sounds to almost anyone who has suffered hearing loss. Your hearing aid provider will tell you what you need to do to care for your hearing devices. Proper care and maintenance will help extend their life and ensure they are working to their highest capacity.

However, with any electronic device, sometimes things go wrong. Maybe you accidentally dropped them in the bathtub, stepped on them or the dog used your hearing instrument as a chew toy. Sometimes malfunctions happen that have nothing to do with the wearer.

What do you do when your hearing device is in need of repair? You may be tempted to try to fix it yourself. This is a bad idea. You could make the situation worse, costing you even more time and money. You could destroy the device completely.

There are many shops that advertise hearing aid repair. Be careful of these shops. Hearing aids are complicated devices and it's important to find someone with experience repairing your specific brand and model. The best way to handle broken hearing devices is to visit with your hearing healthcare professional who can send them directly to the manufacturer for repair.

Denny Dingler has been a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist since 1983 and opened P.H.C.'s office in May, 1984 in the Inverness Regional Shopping Center. In 1988, Mr. Dingler and his wife, purchased the business and moved it to its current, larger location at 211 S. Apopka Avenue, in the fall of 1996.Denny is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Studies and then pursued his current title of Audioprosthologist, which he completed in 1997. He has served on various state and national committees in the hearing healthcare field over the years, and is currently on the International Hearing Institute Education Board. He is a nationally recognized speaker and teacher in the industry and has published his first textbook. Call today at (352) 419-0757 or visit our site at and

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