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The Benefits of Preschool For Little Ones

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

As children begin to pass the years of daycare and blossom into young kindergarteners, there is an important transitional step. Preschool is increasingly talked up by parents, doctors, and education professionals for being an extremely important step in the development of children for many different reasons. As families begin to explore their opportunities for their little ones such as home care with mom or dad, daycare, or preschool, the choice can be difficult. It can be hard to decide which option is best suited for your child but here are just some of the benefits of sending your child to preschool.

Upon entering a preschool program, here are just a few of the important lessons and skills that your little one will learn:

  • Basic social skills with a group of peers
  • Problem solving through fun games and activities
  • Respect towards peers and teachers through sharing, compassion, and using your words
  • Building friendships with other children and learning to share
  • How to contribute to conversations in group settings
  • Pre-math concepts to prepare for kindergarten
  • Pre-reading concepts to prepare for kindergarten
  • Language building through conversations
  • An easier transition into kindergarten and grade school

The common age of most preschool goers is between the ages of three and five years old. It is up to the family to make the decision of how often they want their child to attend a preschool. Many programs do offer a range in attendance from just a few times a week for a couple hours or more full time with a few hours each week day. Another great benefit to a preschool program is that many preschool centers will offer lunch and snack times which is a great way to really help build the social skills necessary for entering the world of grade school.

Preschool is the perfect opportunity for your child to ease into the transition of kindergarten and grade schools which can be scary with so many new things at once. It is also a great way to learn to let go of mom and dad and enjoy a day away from home. It can be a difficult transition if your child has not yet been exposed to a group setting and they are suddenly faced with a kindergarten classroom. So instead of just a regular child care service that may or may not offer educational skills and peers to socialize with in their age group, preschool is clearly a smart choice.

For families living in Highland, Fulton and surrounding Maryland areas who have children ages three to five and who are ready for a preschool experience like no other, Little Builder's Learning Center is ready to help! Through the caring support of the highly qualified teachers, your Maryland youngster is sure to have a wonderful preschool experience that will prepare them to take on the kindergarten classroom with great success! Click here to visit Little Builder's website and to learn more about their exceptional preschool program.

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