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Field Trip Planning for Preschoolers

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 290

Field Trips are a wonderful way to enrich a preschool learning experience. When young children are taken on such excursions they are exposed to new environments, peoples, experiences, places, and vocabulary.

Such trips are not for school groups only. With a little preparation, such as a book, website exploring, video or discussion your children can be prepared for a learning experience with your family, grandparents or nanny.

When planning a field trip for your preschoolers, you want to be sure that it is age appropriate. A trip to the police station might seem like a good idea for your community helper study, but there may be unpredictable events that may not be appropriate for young children.

Keep in mind that preschoolers have shorter attention spans. Places that keep them moving are good choices. Children learn best through play; so a field trip that offers hands-on exploration or activities that appeal to the senses are usually more fun and beneficial.

Pick a site that is relevant to what you may be learning about.

For a study of animals, you might visit a farm, nature center, aquarium, aviary, zoo or schedule a tour of a local pet shop.

If you are learning about plants, schedule a trip to the arboretum or botanical garden, butterfly garden, farm, nature center, nursery, local park, or a tour of a florist shop.

A space thematic unit could include a field trip to the air and space museum, space center, science museum, or planetarium.

A tour may be just right when learning about community helpers; contact local businesses to see if they offer tours for preschool groups. Here are some suggestions: bakery, bank, dentist, florist, fire station, home and garden store, medical center/hospital, newspaper, post office, restaurant, supermarket, or a local industry such as glass making, pottery, or chocolate factory.

There are also the usual sites to visit like the Children's Museum, Children's Theatre, Dance Theatre, Orchestra, local historical sites, and the local library or book store may offer a "Story Hour".

One key to a successful field trip is advance planning. When planning for a group trip, announce the upcoming event in a newsletter. A couple of weeks prior to the trip send home permission slips to be returned with any fees that may be required to cover admission tickets, transportation or meals. For a group, it is best to make reservations, and when possible, prepay and have tickets delivered to you. This will eliminate having to stand in line with antsy preschoolers.

When traveling as a group, have plenty of reliable/responsible adult chaperones. I prefer a two child to one adult ratio; a hand for each child. Be sure each chaperone has your contact number and knows where and when to meet for special events, lunch and departing. With the returned permission slips I plan which children will be with which adult in advance. When possible I have enough chaperones that I am child free allowing me to be more available for acquiring tickets and/or registering, emergencies, arranging lunch areas/time, photographing all of the children, and helping as needed.

I carry a small backpack perfect for emergency contact information, cell phone, small first-aid kit, hand sanitizer, extra spoons, sandwich and tissues, just in case. Pack a light bag lunch. That way it can all be disposed of once lunch is finished leaving your carry along load lighter. Avoid soda pop or sugar filled items.

Dress appropriately for the weather. An extra sweater may be needed early or later, even on a warm day. I always recommend tennis shoes; not only are they generally the most comfortable but they also tend to have closed toes and offer good traction for protection. Sun protection is important too, so remember sunscreen and sunglasses.

Let your preschoolers know that a special outing is being planned. Preparing them for the trip helps them to know what to expect. To get the most educational benefit from a field trip be sure that the trip is relevant to what you are currently learning about. If you are learning about animals be sure to include ones that will be at the particular zoo/farm that you will be visiting. Let the children know that they will be able to see that animal on their trip. Additionally, you will want to reinforce their learning after the trip. Follow up with discussion and activities, such as drawing some favorite activity or site from the trip.

Field trips should be fun as well as educational. However, remember to take advantage of the teachable moments by drawing your preschooler's attention to certain details that may be overlooked while having fun.

Holly Smith shares from over 19 years of experience in the early childhood field. She shares this experience with her teacher-created preschool activities, lesson plans and craft ideas through her website:

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