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How To Easily Use A Very Low Priced Kindle Book To Bring In Customers

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 140

Step by step selling is a concept that many successful internet entrepreneurs use very effectively. In fact some will set up an eight, nine, ten or even twelve step process to sell to customers. The reasons are quite simple when you think about it. The customer becomes ever more familiar with you and your services or products and you build up a trust based relationship that results in a sale.

Kindle now offers an extraordinarily easy way. That is simply publishing a mini book at a very low price which gives people great value for money. When potential customers see a product published at a price of under a pound sterling or just two dollars, their natural reaction is usually "What do I have to lose?" This is also very appropriate nowadays as for whatever reason many people want to gain access to information in "sound bites" and either do not want to or do not have the time to read a lot. Therefore a well written book of say one hundred or so pages can do a number of things that raise your profile in your client's eyes. It can establish you as an expert, It can educate your client (every business needs to educate their clients in some way, even if it only to their own philosophy and way of working) Above all it gives you a chance to provide links to more information or your website or a squeeze page. In many ways it is advertising that pays for itself.

So how can you go about setting yourself up as an author. The first step of course is to write your mini book. The way many people recommend this be done is to think of your area of expertise or interest and then consider and write down the ten main problems people experience in your area. You may well say that if you are for instance selling anything to do with wedding or your site sells kitchen gifts that you are not in the business of problem solving. However a book entitled "The ten things to be aware of to make your perfect day just that" in the case of weddings or "Ten simple kitchen arrangement plans that can save you loads of space" would be entirely relevant in these cases. Some people like to write, some don't.If you fall into the latter category, simply record your thoughts in an MP3 file and use one of the very good outsourcing services like Fiverr to have them transcribed. You can also use Fiverr to find someone to produce a great graphic design for your cover.

Next you need to learn how to format and publish your book. Just using a simple search on the search engines will give you a very good start and if this is not enough, there are plenty of books in your local library on the subject. Bear in mind that it has to be done properly or it will not be accepted. However like all things practice makes perfect. Worried about your book being ranked well enough for people to find it? Why not use your Twitter, FB or YouTube accounts to spread the word. In addition go to Fiverr again and find people who will broadcast your book for you to tens of thousands of others.

Peter Robson is an accountant with over 30 years experience in the small company sector. With his business partner, Debbie Crossley he runs which helps people set up and run their own e-commerce businesses

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