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Specialty Commercial Door Hinges and Key Storage Cabinets

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

If you were responsible for a commercial establishment, factory, or an apartment block, you would surely be interested in special types of commercial door hinges and key storage cabinets for special purposes. While most of us know of brass or aluminum hinges and rarely pay any attention until the door squeaks or doesn't keep shut or open, as you desire. However, we may need to know more about commercial door hinges that serve special purposes.

The Unseen Hinge:

Factories and business establishments will have a number of people opening and closing the door all the time. This is an important point for selecting commercial door hinges. Heavy-duty aluminum geared continuous hinges can withstand as many as 25 million cycles; just a thumb rule calculation says this is something 60 years of heavy traffic.

If your building needs fire rating, opt for the pre fire-rated commercial door hinges; this will save the bother of obtaining a separate rating later.

Electrified commercial door hinges are another type of specialty hinges meant for electrically locking or opening doors. Such doors are worked by concealed devises that transfer low voltage current to the doors. Purpose built hinges route the current transfer to electrified mortise or cylindrical locks and other exit devices; and facilitates electric latch retraction, and locking.

Prices do differ based on the type and the purpose, but to give a general idea, an 8-wire 5x5" electrified hinge will cost around $145, while a 4-Wire 5x5" costs around $110. These are prices offered by online stores, but local stores may charge a little higher.

Commercial buildings who naturally need large numbers of door hinges, can save substantially, if they compare online prices of commercial door hinges versus local prices; a difference of even $2 a piece on the common continuous hinge may reduce the total construction cost by as much as $1000!

Helpful Key Storage:

Key storage cabinets are more useful to track movement of keys (though of course they serve the storage purpose.) Keys are the one thing, people tend to put in the pocket and forget. Special order key cabinets are provided with 'out key' tag on which the borrower's id can be recorded; these will reduce half the hassles of 'misplaced' keys will disappear


Very attractive and convenient key storage cabinets, made of powder- coated steel are around. Sand colored neutral tone finish cabinets will merge easily with surrounding decor and so are generally popular. The cabinets contain plastic or metal tags used to mark the identity of the key and have protective cam locks.

Online prices for quality key storage cabinet for safekeeping 30 keys, is about $55, and about $106 for an 80-key cabinet; seems worth the peace of mind.

Deborah Parker is a vastly experienced writer. She often writes about commercial locks. She has a great understanding about security hardwares specially security door locks

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