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Making Use Of Under Stairs Space

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 355

Many of us live in houses that have an open area underneath the stairs. This often gets used for shoes or bags or maybe, if there is enough height, for hanging coats. The problem with this is that it can rapidly become the dumping ground, particularly for shoes that are taken off when people enter the house and, unless someone keeps an eye on it, it can rapidly begin to look messy.

A simple solution to this problem that still enables you to use this valuable and convenient storage space whilst improving the look of your hall way and stairs is under stair doors. These are angled doors that can be fitted into the space underneath the stairs to effectively box it in. You can also use panels instead of doors but this means you can't easily access the space.

If you are considering under stair doors as a way of improving the look of this area then there are a few things you need to be aware of.

  1. You need to ensure you go to a reputable company that can make made to measure doors. There is no point trying to fit a standard door as the angles and sizes of under stair areas vary considerably.
  2. Consider the amount of space in your hallway for opening the doors. You may need to think about using a hinged door that folds in the middle thus ensuring the hallway isn't blocked when one of the doors is open.
  3. You shouldn't need to brush up on your trigonometry as you'll only need to measure the high and low sides and width of area you want a door for. The angles can be calculated from that. It is however a good idea to get a measuring guide from your supplier so that you provide the correct information and don't end up making a costly mistake.

Another option for the under stairs area is a combination of angled panels and doors. This can be use useful if you have a non angled part of your stair way i.e. if you have a flat rest part in your stair way. This allows you to use angled panels on the angled section to box this off and then have rectangular doors at the end for access.

Generally angled doors and under stair doors and panels come in MDF which is easy to cut and can be supplied either unpainted so you can match it to your existing decoration, or vinyl wrapped in a variety of finishes. MDF is also suitable for cutting grooves so you can have a variety of styles by cutting grooves into the doors or panels. You could even have a custom design if you choose a supplier who can do this. This would make your under stairs area truly unique.

Doors2size offer made to measure angled doors and under stair doors and offer these helpful tips on measuring under stair doors

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