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The Truth About Domestic Violence

May 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

The honest truth about domestic violence is that it is a series of battle skirmishes, middle to great conflicts and wars, and deadly and near suicidal happenings. There is no give and take, and there is no happy medium. Jealously is at its heights, and hurtful rhetoric comes from all sides and tactics. This pair is not on earth to be peaceful and to be happy. They have a hidden agenda to be cruel to anyone that allows them to be cruel and hurtful to them. There are people who seek out abusers and people to treat them badly.

They are constantly seeking out victims and those who want to be victims. Those victims for whatever history need to be victims. You will always have your poor, abusers and your victims in any given society that is how the system works. It is sad, but true.

Domestic violence is mostly a hate, love relationship, and any by stander should make sure that he or she always walks on the opposite side of the street at all times. Interfering with these two crazy people is not a great way to pass the time. As long as they are not cutting and shooting each other, I would not get involved. That is what the taxpayer's police department is supposed to be doing.

That is why the police wear the badge and carry the arms. They are always prepped for civil disturbances.

No one truly understands the victims nor the abusers of the faith, and most of the time, they do not understand each other. Their life is a mess, and they love the mess that they have created, even though they refuse to admit the woes. Their feelings for each other is next to impossible to understand. There is a sickness that even they cannot describe, diagnose, nor follow in any sensible manner. This need to batter on the other that one calls their love is mistaken, and next to criminal. Their feelings go deeper, much deeper. It has a history of witnessing cruelty by their parents, or others to their loved ones. It has for some reason been driven deep into their subconscious.

They try to shake It off, but it is extremely difficult to do because there are moments of enjoyment and thrill. These abusers know what they are doing. They know that it is harmful and dangerous and cruel, however, there is a need for them to punch to hit, hurt, and tear at another's flesh. More than regular therapy is needed for people of this caliber. They must be watched with a very careful eye.

They use each other as a punching bag because they can. Men are known for being hurtful and overly aggressive, but the female species is just as deadly as the other. Each one has a major weakness and that is the other party. They cannot live without the other.

They do not know how to handle the situation they frequently find themselves in, but there is one thing that they do know and that is they cannot live without hurting the other partner.

They can cry and say hurtful words, but as soon as they get the chance they are back together. This will be for a short time, but they cherish the moment away, but more the getting back together. They actually miss the abuse and the fighting and verbal attacks. Sometimes, after one is pounded to the earth so many times, they get use to being there and subconsciously cannot wait to get back.

Each domestic violence case must be handled separately and with kid gloves. Each case is special and has all the bells and whistles of a nightmare about to happen again and again and again. No one can say which party is truer and more faithful, nor which one is more caring. Each one gives enormous love and attention and huge amounts of mental and physical toughness. There is no telling because each partner has his or her good days and bad days. Each partner has serious emotional dramas and demons that they do not understand fully and are trying to work things out. It is too bad that each partner does not carry around an aggressive or abuser button that detects when the other party is about to strike out and do some cruelty. The object would be able to test a rise in adrenalin or emotional levels of danger and violence.

They love want they do as if they could take a pill and go into fits of rage at a moment's notice. They love to pick on the other partner and they love to get the other partner's reaction be it good, bad or indifferent. They love to pull on their chain, and they love to go a few rounds. Drink or drugs may add to this situation. Sometimes, they are the perfect drinking and drug using buddies.

It is extremely hard to get into the minds of abusers and victims when it comes to domestic violence. They feed off each other, and would walk a mile dripping in blood for the other. We know this because in the leaner and not so mean days, they are just happy go lucky campers.

When they have their favorite drink or they are in their favorite chit-chat mode, they are fine. Then, the rage comes on and the next thing you find them in a knock down drag out fight. In this rough and ready time, they call each other loads of demeaning names and words. This is not good for a civil union. Not good, if they have children, family and friends in ear shot.

If anything, they need therapy and anger management classes. These are two loveable souls who cannot live without the other.

Their only solution is to go into their separate corners and cool down. They need a counselor twenty four, seven. But that would be impossible, who will want to be around these crazy two, and mixed up adults for long period of time. Who would want to be around such foolishness?

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