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How to Get a No Contact Order Against in a Domestic Violence Case

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Never would you think the one you love most would be abusive. Catching you by surprise with every blow to your body or being pulled by the hair. You know this is not safe and eventually your body is full of exhaustion. You have had enough. It easy to tell your abuser to stay away, but them listening is another thing.

This why it is safe to get an order of protection. Make sure you have all police reports. You can take that police report to the state's attorney office. They ask questions about your abuser. They also asks for police reports. If you have showing bruises, pictures will be taken of you. You will also be asked who all in your house hold needs to be protected with this order. Usually this will be your kids.

Although you feel a little bit uncomfortable talking to a stranger about your abuse, know that they are there for your best interest. When you are done explaining your situation, your information will be handed to a judge. Within hours your case is called. After you raise your hand to a judge and tell the truth, a temporary order will be issued. You will be given a court date and your abuser will be summoned to court. Be sure to attend the court date that is issued to you because if you don't, your case will be thrown out.

The second time you are in front of a judge, your abuser will be there as well. Remember you have law enforcement there to protect you. The judge asks the abuser questions as well as you again. If the judge have enough evidence, you will be granted an order of protection. It will always be a good idea to take the order of protection with you at all times.

Most woman are afraid to take this action. Scared of what the abuser may do to you if you do. When you think about it, what will the abuser do to you if you don't? Remember this is a brave decision and a way to protect yourself. I'm not at all saying this will stop an abuser for being an abuser. I am saying that with the order of protection, if he tries to come anywhere around you, the abuser goes to jail in most cases. At the end it is worth it. It is worth you having a piece of mind. I know I do.

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