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Common Consequences of Domestic Violence

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 133

What are some of the most common consequences associated with domestic violence accusations and criminal charges? Criminally-speaking, a domestic violence charge can result in imprisonment, fines, probation, and other possible consequences. While the laws vary from state to state, domestic abuse is a legal concept that is taken very seriously by all prosecutors. This offense is taken so seriously that most prosecutors will not drop the charges even when the alleged victim has requested the prosecutor to do so. Unfortunately, this also means that some cases involving a wrongful or unlawful accusation of domestic violence, assault, or abuse, can lead to serious criminal consequences for an alleged perpetrator if the prosecutor is unwilling to drop the charges.

Aside from the criminal consequences that are commonly seen in domestic assault and abuse convictions, a person who is accused of violence may be removed from their home or have their children taken away by Child Protective Services, CPS. This government agency was designed to prevent instances such as domestic violence from occurring in the home and to stop a perpetrator from hurting his or her children when violence has been reported, among other purposes. The thought of losing your children should be reason enough to find the legal means to fight these charges against you, especially if they have stemmed due to a wrongful reason.

Beyond the obvious consequences of domestic abuse, many other repercussions occur to the victim, the accused, and the entire family. The ramifications of these accusations are far-reaching, and can sometimes involve fear of retaliation from other members within the community. Oftentimes, a person who faces domestic assault charges will be harshly criticized and scrutinized within the community. Especially in smaller towns, the alleged perpetrator may be refused service at local restaurants, banned from certain public and private entities, and possibly even scolded or lectured by others in the community. The children of domestic violence accusations could face trouble in school from bullies, unwanted attention from worried teachers, and even the removal from classes.

By taking effective legal action and protecting yourself, though, you may be able to prevent these consequences from occurring. It is important to understand your rights and the challenges you are about to face after being accused of domestic abuse. These charges are no laughing matter, and they should not be made a joke by anyone in the family. Accusations of spousal rape, child abuse, sexual assault, kidnapping, or abuse stemming from self-defense are all taken as very serious offenses and can lead to some of the most devastating and life-changing consequences. Don't hesitate to protect yourself, your future, and your family; call an attorney regarding your domestic violence charges right away.

The Houston domestic violence defense law firm of Owmby & Smith provides individuals and families with over 35 years of legal experience and a background as a former prosecutor. Facing criminal charges associated with domestic violence, such as assault, battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and sexual assault are all very serious offenses that cannot be dropped even when the alleged victim requests this to happen. It is up to you to retain hard-hitting legal services for your charge, as this will be your first and last line of defense. At Owmby & Smith, your rights and your future are important. Contact a Houston domestic violence lawyer from the firm as soon as possible to obtain a free online consultation of your case.

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