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Ways to Regulate Your Blood Sugar

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 182

Many people struggle with diabetes which is a serious and dangerous disease. Diabetes affects blood sugar levels of people who have the condition. Blood sugar levels that fluctuate too much can cause many more complications. There are lifestyle and dietary changes that may help stabilize blood sugar levels for people who need help in this area. Regulating your blood sugar is very important to your overall good health. The human body really does its best when there is very little fluctuation in blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar spikes too much over the course of a day it is very hard on your body. It will also cause you to gain weight. Adult onset diabetes has been linked to genetics as well. But research has also shown that the diet one eats can potentially alter the development of the disease in a person who has pre-diabetic tendencies. Although diabetes is not curable there are things you can do to make the condition more controllable. The area we will discuss is blood sugar stabilization.

Dietary Changes: There are certain foods that can spike your blood sugar levels more readily than others. Foremost you should avoid sugar. Sugar in all of its forms is very dangerous and needs to be taken out of your diet. This would include items such as soda, candy, honey, molasses and corn syrup. There are many foods that are labeled as being "diabetic" friendly but in fact you should be weary of eating these products as well. Many people think because it says sugar free they can eat it in unlimited quantities. Avoid fruit juices which are high in sugar. Instead you should focus on eating whole fruits. This will also provide you with more fiber. Do not skip meals but rather eat smaller mini meals throughout the day. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized. These mini meals should consist of a protein with a complex carbohydrate. This eating style will not overburden your digestive system. It will also provide you with a slow and steady stream of fuel for energy that your body needs.

Good snack foods include low calorie vegetables that are non starchy. These could include; cauliflower, peppers, brussel sprouts and cucumbers. Because they have high fiber and low calories they will not affect your blood sugar levels. Eating a diet of lean proteins, healthy complex carbohydrates and lots of fresh vegetables will certainly help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Foods such as oatmeal are really good choices. They also help keep you feeling full and have a good amount of fiber to them. Meats that are lean proteins such as turkey and chicken are foods to consume in moderation. Combine the protein with a healthy complex carbohydrate or a low fat dairy food to get the best glucose control. For example, roasted turkey with low fat string cheese is a good choice. Whole grains: A good choice is brown rice and whole grains breads.

Glycemic Food Index: All foods have a particular glycemic level. High glycemic foods will convert into sugar very quickly upon consumption, therefore spiking blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods are the opposite in that they convert to sugar very slowly in the body. This is important to maintaining stable blood sugar levels. You should focus on eating more foods that are in the low glycemic index range. There are many Glycemic Index Scales available on the internet. They will show you the glycemic value of many foods. Some of the low glycemic index foods include beans, lentils, broccoli, peppers, oats and tomatoes. Keep Hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated to stabilize blood sugar levels. Having sufficient fluid balance in the body is the definition of being hydrated. Being hydrated also helps your kidneys to function more effectively in remove excess sugar from the body. Lose Weight: Your blood sugar levels will be more stable if you are not overweight. This is due to insulin not being used as effectively because of excess fat. When you take off the weight you become more insulin sensitive therefore creating more stable blood sugar levels.

Exercise: Exercise is extremely important to overall health. Many people just refuse to exercise. This is not a good lifestyle choice. You need to keep your body moving in order to use insulin more effectively in your body. This will help to also stabilize your blood sugar levels. Exercise also will help you lose weight or keep your weight under control. You should do moderate and easy to do exercise that you can commit to on a consistent basis. You don't have to do it all at once either. For example, three 10 minute walks is just as good as walking for a half hour. The key is in the consistency of the exercise routine. Remember before undertaking any diet or lifestyle changes always consult with your healthcare provider, particularly if you are on prescription medication or suffer from any disease. If you are diabetic it is critical that you always check with your healthcare provider before undertaking any exercise routine. You need to make sure that the exercise you do is appropriate for your condition and will not over exert you.

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By Tina C. Loren

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