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Facts About Diverticulitis Prognosis

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 113

An ordinary individual who has no medical background would ask, what is diverticulitis? It is a disease that is uncommonly heard. It is a disease of our digestive system. Commonly found in the large intestine or colon. It occurs when there is an inflammation or a swelling in the intestinal wall. This disease happens when the bacteria gets trapped in the pouches and results to infection.

Determining if you have diverticulitis is not easy to tell. Sometimes, its symptoms mean a numerous of dissimilar stuffs. The symptoms are likely to resemble with stomach ulcers and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), so you can't conclude if it's already diverticulitis or not. Unless, you'll visit the doctor and run some tests to clarify what is happening inside of you.

The symptoms of the disease may last only for hours until a week or more. The symptoms will depend on the severity of the case. This includes bloating and gas, fever and chills, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and belly pain.

Usually, if the person has fully recovered, he feels much better and healthy. But if the patient is not treated in time, diverticulitis may lead to more serious conditions.

Diverticulitis Prognosis

Peritonitis- when the contents of the intestine seep out into the abdominal cavity outside the intestine, it results a more severe infection of the abdominal cavity that frequently happens after perforation.

Perforation- a hole inside the intestine cause if the diverticular pouch bursts due to the increased pressure and infection in the intestine.

Fistula- an abnormal passage resulting from injury, disease or congenital disorder that attaches an abscess cavity or hollow organ to the body surface. It occurs when the colon was damaged through infection comes in contact with other tissue, like bladder, small intestines or within the abdominal wall, and it sticks to it. When fecal material from the colon can get inside the other tissue, it usually causes a serious infection. It will result to urinary tract infection that can turn out to be persistent and very hard to treat.

Abscess - this is the pocket of infection that's very hard to treat with antibiotics.

Bleeding - within the intestine

Blockage- there's an obstruction or barrier of the intestine.

For those individuals who age below 40 years old and have miserable immune systems from other illnesses or medication, they will have a bigger chance of having complications and in need to undergo surgery.

About ½ of people who suffer diverticulitis will experience degeneration in seven years after the condition is cured and in reduction. There is about 15% up to 25% of the people who are confined to a hospital for diverticulitis and develop complications require surgery.

Prevention of Diverticulitis

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. And the best way to prevent Diverticulitis is to have a high-fiber diet. High-fiber diet increases stool bulk and may also prevent the formation of diverticular or aggravation of the current disease. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are suggested. It also includes fiber supplements as good alternatives.

There are some lifestyle options that can prevent diverticulitis. These include:

Exercising regularly, which promotes healthy bowel activity and lessens pressure within the colon.

Developing regular bowel habits also helps. Delayed bowel movements result in larger, harder stools that need more force to endure.

Lastly, water is the universal aiding liquid. And in this case, a person must increase his water intake. The fiber absorbs water and increases soft, bulky stools. If there is no water to be absorbed, increased fiber intake can aggravate constipation.

Another way of prevention process is through increasing beneficial bacteria in the intestines through eating foods like "live" yogurt, and unpasteurized sauerkraut. There are some natural supplements that retrain the bad bacteria. These include concentrated extracts of gentian, garlic, oregano, golden-seal, or olive oil. Another is intake of pro-biotic supplements that are equally effective in initiating healthy bacteria.

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