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Celebrate STD Awareness Month by Getting Tested

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

Created by Congressional resolution in 2009, STD Awareness Month serves as a campaign to bring awareness to the continued fight against STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, which, in some areas, are still on the rise. Not only are some STDs on the rise, but they are on the rise among young people. Those in the age group 15-24 account for nearly half of all newly reported cases of STDs.

And really, there is no reason for this continued increase in STD infection. Safe sex practices are widely known and STD testing is easier than ever. If you're reading this and are sexually active, do yourself-and others-a favor by making a commitment to practice safe sex and get tested for STDs.

Condoms provide the best protection against STD infection and are widely available at a reasonable cost. Yes, they might be just outside the budget of an average working teen, but that teen doesn't need to give up much to buy a condom. One latte alone will pay for 2-3 condoms. One fast food meal will pay for a box of six.

Testing may be a little more difficult, but is imperative not only for the health of the infected person who, after testing positive, will be able to receive much-needed treatment, but for the community as a whole. An infected person will hopefully seek treatment, and there are cures for some STDs like chlamydia and syphilis, and be more self-conscious about practicing safe sex.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends annual testing for all sexually active individuals or those who have recently, or are considering, a new sexual partner. Where to get tested is an issue for some. A family doctor would be the best option, especially for those who are insured and have a good relationship with their doctor. Family doctors know you and your health history and will be able to prescribe a course of treatment if you test positive. However, some are hesitant to seek testing from their doctor for STD testing, especially if they want to keep their sexual activity from a parent, or a spouse.

Clinics such as Planned Parenthood or city-run clinics provide another option. While inexpensive, they are typically not conveniently located for most youth, especially suburban youth. Other clinics can be found in the phone book or on-line.

Another option for STD testing is a confidential testing service. Some of these services arrange for testing at a local lab and others will send you an in-home test kit. Some of these in-home test kits provide immediate results, like a pregnancy test, while others, especially those that test for HIV, require you to send a sample to a lab for testing. You simply call a number after a prescribed waiting period for your results.

Either way, it's important that you get tested, and get tested today. April, STD Awareness Month, is the perfect time to make that happen.

There are many ways to get an STD, and if you get one, find a location for STD Testing in Minneapolis.

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