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The Need For Women With MS To Regain Self Esteem

June 16, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 71

Women with MS face unique challenges as they strive to live complete, fulfilling lives that include ordinary tasks the rest of us often take for granted. Not only are the symptoms of MS in women physically punishing, MS disease tends to have a detrimental effect on psychological health and emotions, as well.

But the two types of pain from symptoms of MS in women - both physical and mental - aren't unrelated. In fact, in order to enjoy good mental health, the body first needs to be in the best shape it can be. And the most significant factor when it comes to physical health is posture. This is true for anyone but particularly so in regards to women with MS.

The MS - Posture Connection

What does correct posture do for you? For one thing, it prevents fatigue. It takes much more energy to perform any type of task or exercise when the head is not properly aligned with the shoulders. Correct posture also provides balance which is necessary to move with ease.

For women with MS, the communication between the brain and nerve endings in the muscles and spinal cord is deficient. This often causes problems with posture, which in turn negatively affects balance and movement.

A further complication of improper posture and imbalance is that it generally makes a woman with MS less mobile and more sedentary which leads to stiff and weak muscles. And weakened muscles are associated with pain, which makes it even more difficult to get up and move around. It's a vicious cycle that negatively affects the self esteem of any woman living with multiple sclerosis.

Making Changes

Over time, women with MS get used to moving, sitting, or standing in a particular way, which is usually not with proper posture. The longer this pattern continues, the harder it is to change these established patterns and replace with them with good postural habits.

In order to make a lasting change, it's going to require more than just telling someone they need to think about standing or sitting straight at all times. Help in the form of evidence based apparel, which makes a connection with nerve endings and effortlessly promotes proper posture, can be a vital part of effective MS disease therapy. Not only does proper posture make someone with MS feel better, it makes them look better.

In turn, this therapy is needed to promote an enhanced sense of self-esteem. Women with MS have a difficult time feeling good when they don't look good. And they can't get the proper amount of exercise if their bodies are out of balance and movement is difficult. By working first on maintaining neutral anatomy (correct posture), balance, ease of movement, and self esteem are sure to follow.

Women with MS are taxed with not only physical disabilities, but mental trials and tribulations as well due to their perceived negative body image. Proper posture is where it all starts when it comes to feeling and looking better while living with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Candy writes about the importance of proper posture and how Evidence Based Apparel can relieve pain and improve health on the EBA Posture Shirt blog. Visit the EBA Posture Website for a chance to win a high-tech, revolutionary Posture Shirt for FREE! You can also read the amazing stories of people with MS, lower back and hip pain, sciatica, and even autism who have benefited from the EBA Posture Shirt.

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