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Cause of Multiple Sclerosis - Is Something Missing From Dr. Paolo Zambioni's Discovery?

June 16, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

The Italian Dr. Paolo Zambioni believes the root cause of many types of MS is the accumulation of iron deposits in blood vessels of the brain. Dr. Zambioni performed on 65 patients a simple operation to remove these deposits and unblock the veins so that the blood can drain from the brain. Two years after their surgeries, 73% of those MS patients had no recurring symptoms.

While support groups for MS sufferers are excited that a simple surgery might free patients from afflictions associated with Multiple Sclerosis, I believe we have to ask deeper questions. Why is the body depositing iron in the veins of the brain, and can it be prevented? Are iron deposits the actual root cause of MS?

As an Alternative Health practitioner, I know that every symptom we experience is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Somewhere the cells are unable to communicate; somewhere the energy/Chi flow is impeded. Symptoms can be as simple as a callus, a pimple, a corn, eczema, or as dramatic as something like MS.

During my studies of alternative healing modalities I learned about the meridian system, - what the properties of the meridians are, and where they are located in the body. As well, one learns the location of the acu-points that lie on the meridians that are used by acupuncturists and acupressurists. Meridians are like a river system for Chi.

An Herbalist once said: "Actually there is only one disease. That is the inability of cells to communicate with each other. Depending on the symptoms, the imbalance gets a name." In other words, health problems are an imbalance/impediment/blockage of the energy or Chi-flow between the cells which means in our whole body.

This imbalance or blockage of the Chi-flow can have many causes. Stress, injuries, sitting for long periods in the wrong position, toxins, shock, loud noises, surgery, and injury, are the main causes.

Acupuncture or Acupressure are used to correct the flow of Chi and blood to restore optimal health and balance. There are also other alternative modalities to restore balance as for example Reconnective Healing.

Over time, I noticed that while every person with MS I met had different symptoms, they did have two things in common - either a major stress-event, or an accident/injury that might have affected the meridians which go from the feet to the head, and across the head. Stress and foot/leg/hip/neck/shoulder injuries affect one meridian, while the other meridian is more affected by foot/back/hip/neck/leg injuries.

The discovery by Dr. Zambioni that MS patients often have a build-up of iron in the veins of their brain makes absolute sense. But what is causing the body to deposit iron in the veins? Maybe it is the inability of the cells to communicate in the head and that causes the blood vessel wall to be not strong enough, and therefore the body starts depositing material to protect the area. That causes a slower blood flow, and more deposits happen. Possibly the nerves degenerate over time when the energy flow is impeded. All of this causes the brain to stop functioning as designed.

At this point, I really do not know what causes the iron build-up in the veins and I do not believe that is the root cause. I do know however, that an impeded Chi-flow in a meridian can cause problems in the blood vessels. Chi/Energy is to the body cells, what water is to plants. When plants do not get enough water they deteriorate too.

My concern in regard to the procedure to unblock the blood vessels is that the original cause - the impeded Chi flow due to stress or injury - was never addressed, and the build-up of deposits in the veins might over time re-occur. While it is great that 73% of Dr. Zambioni's patients remained symptom free two years after surgery, I wonder if they were just lucky and their stress resolved itself by trusting this surgical procedure... or if not resolved, will the iron deposits build back up in their veins?

In my opinion the build-up of iron in the blood vessels is NOT the root cause. It is either stress or an injury, or something yet undiscovered that is causing the imbalance of the Chi flow in the brain.

An example: My cousin told me about a friend who got MS after her husband left her. She regained her health once she found another man who made her much happier.

I believe the road to recovery for MS sufferers, and others, is to choose an alternative modality that reduces stress and encourages balance and healing on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. It is important to let go of emotional trauma, and also any Post Traumatic Stress that might be connected with the emotional and/or physical event. To release emotional trauma, and find balance and happiness in life, one needs to truly forgive everyone involved with the original event, including oneself.

Anna Christine Doehring

2011 Anna Christine Doehring. All rights reserved.

Anna Christine Doehring is a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and invites you to read more about her favorite modality Reconnective Healing, with worldwide reports of healing from serious afflictions, on To receive her monthly newsletter GOOD TO KNOW sign up on the right side at the bottom of the same website.

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