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Colon Cleansing - A Must For A Healthy Body

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 210

The general belief among the medical profession is that the frequency of bowel movements is unrelated to health. And people in general follow this belief. Most people think that if they are having one bowel movement a day they are not constipated However, even though we eat three meals or more a day, we are content with only one bowel movement. Where are the other two meals going if they're not being eliminated through the colon? The somewhat disturbing answer actually is that all the food that is not absorbed by the body as nutrients is distributed in the body in places as unlikely as - apart from sticking to the colon walls -, in tissues and organs, in arteries. Any place in the body can serve as a dumping ground for waste that is not eliminated.

In earlier times there were natural methods of maintaining a clean colon, like plenty of physical activity through hard work and a fiber-rich diet of unrefined, unprocessed food.

Research in this subject has proved that most of modern diseases like heart- and gallbladder diseases, diverticulitis, varicose veins, hiatus hernia and colon cancer are the result of improper functioning of the colon. Many patients, after bowel resection, where diseased portions of the bowel were removed, were found to be cured of other diseases too, apparently unrelated to the colon problem.The problem in many diseases was the body's inability to adequately carry out its normal waste disposal functions. A healthy intestine requires emptying every six hours, but the common conception is that once a day is sufficient.

In a study of over 1000 women with histories of constipation, fluid was extracted from the breasts of these women which showed abnormal cells, the same as are found in breast cancer. These abnormal cells were detected five times more in women who passed stools less than three times a week than in women who did so more than once a day. Only we humans suffer from this problem. Breast-fed babies, indigenous peoples and animals all pass stools soon after each meal.

Colon cleansing, therefore, is an essential practice, and it can be done either through the mouth or the rectum. The simplest way of colon cleansing is to add bulk to the diet. All fresh, raw vegetables and fruits contain fiber. Dietary fiber in food is indigestible. In the intestinal tract, it supports a multiplying population of bacteria, and this can be an aid in both digestion and elimination. Cooking renders the fiber ineffective by softening it.

In a study where rats were fed poison and simultaneously put on a high fiber diet, the rats survived without harm, while another test group of rats, fed the same poison, but without the fiber, died.

A common practice among alternative health practitioners is to recommend adding whole psyllium husks to the diet which, however, creates its own problems. First, these husks can irritate the intestines. There exists a delicate layer of mucus membranes and villi in the small intestine. These villi are important in the absorption of nutrients. The psyllium husks can scrape against these finger-like villi and damage them, thus interfering with the absorption of nutrients. Further, psyllium acts like a magnet as it winds its way down the intestinal tract, pulling particles toward it by absorbing nutrients along with toxins.

Bran is also frequently recommended to increase fiber in one's diet. Bran is even more irritating to the intestines than psyllium. Bran is a part of the wheat grain; it is not a whole food and thus can create a nutritional imbalance. Further, bran acts as an irritant to the lining of the digestive tract. The intestine, in order to rid itself of this irritant, attempts to speed up the process of moving waste material through. Less nutrients are absorbed because of the rapid transit through the intestines. Further, habitual use of bran can cause chronic irritation of the intestinal lining.

A very effective bowel cleansing process is the use of water injected directly into the alimentary canal. It acts as a gentle stimulus to dislodge old, encrusted fecal matter. Water cleansing methods include colonics, enemas and colemas. Colonics are sterile, painless and result in an extremely thorough cleansing while enemas only reach the lower part of the colon, and not the entire organ. Ingredients added to the water, however, greatly enhance its detoxifying power. Coffee enemas i.e., stimulate the liver; flaxseed tea enemas relieve colon inflammation; bentonite, or clay water, greatly increases the absorption of toxins from the colon walls.

The colema board which combines the ease and gentleness of the enema with the thoroughness of the colonic has the advantage that it can be used at home. It is the colon's own spontaneous contractions that expels water that has been infused into the intestinal canal. Thus, the colema works like an exercise program, training the colon to correct its sluggish condition. Through the stimulation of the muscles in the colon, messages are sent to the rest of the body to release stored toxins and expel them through the normal eliminative channels. Pockets of putrefied waste embedded within the colon walls are dislodged through this method.

Colon cleansing takes time. After a lifetime of bad eating habits that clogged up your colon you cannot expect good results after one or a few applications. It may take years of good colon cleansing habits to return your colon to a perfect state of health.

The above methods, however, may appear to be cumbersome for our fast-paced lifestyle. But help is at hand with natural colon cleansing products that can be taken orally, without the fuss and mess of enemas and similar methods. Bowtrol is one such product and you can learn more here:

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