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Learn Everything About Rape Honey

April 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 123

Although some people often think that honey is just something to be spread on bread or another sweet food which is tempting to the tongue, the most important fact that they don't really look into is the benefits this sweet food is providing. Basically, honey may come in various types and one of the most unique types of honey ever created includes the Rape Honey of also known as the Canola which was coined from the phrase Canadian oil and was developed from a rapeseed plant.

As you can see, Rape honey is not just a delicious gooey treat but as well as a good source of almost all of the nutritional properties. It has an array of benefits to offer which can very helpful in maintaining the youthfulness from within. However, just like any other types of honey, Rape honey may also has its own disadvantages and in other to know these facts, here are some of the important details with regards to Rape honey that most people might want to know.

Appearance: since this type of honey is considered to be a unique one, its appearance may look like an opaque pale buff or cream color. It is been known to be lighter that the supermarket types of honey with a mild smell.

Texture: as for its consistency, Rape honey is somewhat firm in nature but not that too hard to spread. It has an excellent creamy smooth quality as its sugar crystals are very small.

Taste: since most individuals have a taste of sweetness on their tongues, this type of honey has a mild taste with no other distinctive component but has a very slight but amusing peppery after taste. However, its taste may vary slightly as not all rapeseeds have the same variety as well as not all rape honeys have the same components being mixed into it.

Therapeutic Effects: aside from the well known benefits of honey which includes the strong of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its good source of moisturizing agents and antioxidants, different types of honey may have its own benefit to offer. As for honeys which are created from the rapeseed plant, common therapeutic effects includes lowering of harmful LDL due to low levels of saturated fat, consist of abundant in glucolitic and cholinergic properties which are both good for the heart and has a natural source of vitamin E which is an agents of high-quality skin care as well as fight against aging.

Disadvantages: although this type of honey may seem to offer a lot of benefits to its consumers, still honeys from rapeseed has its own advantages. It crystallizes so quickly that beekeepers have a hard time to collect it thus living it to crystallize in the comb while still in the field. This is the reason why, rape honey should be pulled out immediately from its combs as soon as it is capped. Also, it should be extracted within a span of 24 hours and be sold right away. Hence, consumers of rape honey should bear in mind that this honey should be consumed as fast as possible since it may only last for about 3 to 4 weeks before it will crystallizes in the jar.

Rape honey is one of the best types of honey having benefits for both health and beauty.

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