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Easy Cake Pops: The Do-It-Yourself, Time-Saving, Money-Saving Guideline to Creating Cake Pops

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 213

Cake pops; little delectable bite-sized desserts fulfilling all of your cake and candy desires. We've all seen them--- they're everywhere! Walk into any Starbucks and BAM, there they are: little delectable dessert- check, portable (on a stick)- check, fulfilling all of your cake and candy desires- check, wait, well that depends on if your desires are solely limited to the flavors of "birthday cake," tiramisu, rocky road, and peppermint brownie. Maybe there's a local bakery nearby with a vast variety of flavor combinations: red velvet, black forest, key lime, pina colada--- yes please! But wait, the cost is at least $1.50 per cake pop? No thank you. Where am I going with this? Exactly where you think I am. Why pay for a product and settle for limited flavors when you can easily replicate this item and customize to your liking? Not only will you be saving money and able to experiment with countless flavor combinations (to include my favorite--- using liquor), even health combinations (i.e. low-fat recipes, egg-free, gluten-free recipes), but you are creating--- personally creating little delectable bite-sized desserts fulfilling all of your cake and candy desires.

Me--- I'm no baker, and my free time is minimal, almost nonexistent to be quite honest. So my purpose in writing this is not to go into great detail, instructing you step-by-step on how to make these treats from scratch (i.e. where to plant the seed that will grow into the herb that you will nurture and crush up, add to 30 other substances to make 1 ingredient for the recipe). My aim is rather to make aware just how easy it is to do-it-yourself, and create the indulgent almighty cake pop--- the easy way (i.e. store bought cake mix/icing). This is written to the fulltime worker, the fulltime student, the fulltime parent, fulltime spouse, or even the fulltime lazy person. This is written to my fellow busy, living life, money-saving beings, simply as an alternative, a how-to, a do-it-yourself, time-saving, money-saving tutorial.

The recipe below yields around 50 cake pops, and all items/ingredients are available at Wal-Mart (they have their own baking/cake decorating aisle now!). Again, this is an easy how-to; multiple design/decoration/flavor ideas are available via the Internet. This is just the basics.

Let's get started!

Item List:

  1. 1 box cake mix, along with ingredients required (eggs, oil, etc.) listed on the box
  2. 1/4 jar of icing
  3. 1 bag melting chocolate
  4. Wilton lollipop/cake pop sticks
  5. Foam blocks or cake pop stand (I bought foam blocks at Wal-Mart)
  6. Wax paper


  1. Bake cake as directed on box
  2. Allow to cool completely
  3. While cooling, line a tray/baking sheet with wax paper (for later use)
  4. After cooled, crumble entire cake
  5. Mix about 1/4 jar of icing into crumbled cake. (I do this with my hands as if making meatballs). You want the cake to be moist and hold form, but not dense. Too much icing will make it too heavy and it will not hold or dry later on.
  6. Roll cake/icing mixture into balls. An ice-cream scoop will help to keep same size, but I just use my hands.
  7. Place cake balls on pre-lined tray/sheet.
  8. After all rolled and placed on tray, cover and place entire tray in refrigerator for at least 3 hours. You can freeze for 30-60 minutes, but make sure cake balls do not freeze. (I personally place the cake balls in the refrigerator overnight, work on another task, and then continue with the cake balls the next day. Too much time in the refrigerator won't hurt, but too much time in the freezer will).
  9. Right before taking cake balls out of refrigerator/freezer, melt chocolate (follow instructions on bag. I use Wilson's chocolate heater, available at Wal-Mart).
  10. Once chocolate is melted, pull cake balls out of refrigerator/freezer.
  11. One at a time, dip tip of cake pop sticks into melted chocolate and then immediately push chocolate end of stick 1/2 - 2/3 of the way through the cake ball. Do this for each cake ball.
  12. One at a time, dip cake pop into melted chocolate. There should be enough chocolate to cover the cake pop entirely. You do not want to dip multiple times or wiggle cake pop around while in chocolate.
  13. Pull cake pop out and gently tap stick against rim to allow excess chocolate to fall back into the pot.
  14. If decorating, do so now while the chocolate is still wet.
  15. Place cake pop stick into foam block or cake pop stand to allow cake pop to dry.
  16. Repeat steps 12-15 for each cake pop.

See how easy! You just created and customized your very own cake pops! These treats are great for gifting; I even send them overseas to friends who are deployed in combat! If gifting or shipping (especially overseas), make sure to wrap each cake pop individually (they sell little dessert bags in stores) and place in an airtight container.


Source: EzineArticles
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