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Toothache: Pain, Remedies, and Relief

January 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 227

Recently I endured one of the worst pains that I have ever experienced. And, although I've never passed a kidney stone or given birth, I can only assume it's in the same ranks. I recently stated, in my personal blog, it felt as though I had a nest of elves living in my head, playing a constant game of basketball. For those of you who've suffered, or are suffering, I'm sure you can attest to this. The pain literally brought me to my knees, and made this grown man shed a tear. Yes, I admit it. And, if you are like me, you've no doubt taken to the web to find a home remedy, or cure, to bring on some relief.

First, let me offer you some slight encouragement. There are some things you can do to offer some relief until you can get to the dentist. Most of the home remedies that I searched for online did not bring me any comfort. I tried dabbling baking soda on the tooth, rinsing with peroxide, and even the black tea bag trick. Nothing was working, and I was near the point of yanking it out on my own. Don't do that, please.

I'm not saying that some of the remedies you will find won't work, I'm simply saying they didn't work for me. What did work for me, however, is something called Dental Gum. It's available at most pharmacies. It works especially well if you have a chipped or cracked tooth, the cavity is exposed, or both. It prevents cool air, cold liquids, or food particles from irritating the tooth. You can buy it for around $3.99. For the cost, it's worth a try.

Now, please keep in mind that these are only remedies to keep you pain free and sane until you can see a dentist. Don't be fooled; if the pain subsides, it will come back, and sometimes worse than it was before. The first chance you get, go see the dentist to either get the cavity filled or the tooth pulled. If you are worried because you don't have dental insurance, I'm going to include a link at the bottom of this post so that you can find places in your area such as dental schools or low cost dental agencies.

I will leave you with a warning: taking too many medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, or even Aleve can be harmful to your health. You didn't really need me to tell you that, did you? It can be fatal to your liver and kidneys if taking too much. Please do not over medicate yourself. I know that we all put off going to the dentist out of fear. Whether that be lack of money, or you're like my mother and just deathly afraid of them. Regardless, find out your options and get it taken care of. The sooner the better.

Use this link to find a dental school in your area You can get dental work done for much less. I won't give you figures because I just don't know them, but give them a call. Calling them won't hurt anymore than that tooth is right now.

You can also try this link I doubt that most of the places that will pull up in your area will be entirely free, so don't be disapointed. They should, however, offer low cost dental care. Again, it can't hurt to try.

Corey West is one of the authors at, an informative blog with topics for everyone. He invites you to stop by the site, sign up for a free account, and join the discussions. If you are interested in guest blogging, you can find information on the site to do so.

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