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How to Protect Your Phone Number From Debt Collectors

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Most collectors just fire up their Googles and find scrap numbers on the internet. But usually these numbers are too old or were cross referenced wrong by data miners. The biggest mistake they make is when they use the address reverse look up. They punch in the address and a phone number pops up. However most likely that number was changed to either a new cell phone dropping the land line or land line number switch.

These calls harass more than try to help a debtor.

Ever say to a collector, "I cannot pay this month or the next or never?" Then they by a script tell you that you are a worthless deadbeat? Sorry that's not service and this terminates the call right now. Generally its never wise to even speak to a debt collector as they will ruin your credit whether you pay or not and they lie, cheat, and steal.

The evasion process

Land lines

If your already getting calls to this number it's too late. However you can privatize a phone by changing the land line number or getting a cellular service. If you choose to get a new land line or cell follow my steps in protecting a new number. If you choose a cellular in addition to the land line, let the land line be the debtor phone that can handle all the spam. If you choose just to change the land line only please take all the necessary steps to protect it from getting into the wrong hands.

Cell phones

If your already getting calls to this, you can use the built in blocker or if you have a smart phone download a blocker. I recommend Call Control available on the Android Market. It can block calls and texts. It may not be totally necessary to get a land line or another cell to segregate spam from legitimate calls as this is costly to you. As long as the blocker works your in good hands. Personally this isn't good enough in my books. Next section explains how to PREVENT a collector form snatching your number in the first place.

Words of the wise, if your not family oriented or have a lot of loved ones use the phones white listing to only accept calls/texts from "contacts only". This will prevent a collector from faking new phone numbers to get through your blocks.

Got a new number?

This is the fun part, making sure those scum don't find it!

Don't tell anyone who knows you by your real name

Don't give this number out to employers

Don't ever order anything with this number such as pizza or shop online!

Don't give it out to family members or anyone you used as a reference

Don't give it out to neighbors

If you can't live a life of an alias they might find your number BARELY

Do give this number out to trusting friends!

This is how I roll

I have a cell phone and an alias. They are friends. Everyone in town knows me as such. I also have a Google voice number that acts as my "land line". This number I don't give a hoot about. I give it to all creditors and sign up for EVERYTHING with it! If its spammed oh well it keeps them busy with that number while they are not calling my real personal number. I've never never never gave my real cell pone number to my family, employers or coworkers. And been doing this for 4 years! It works, and as always have a nice day!

Awesome resources at your disposal for your fight to win needs!

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